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Forest Inventory and Analysis
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Southern Group of State Foresters

SRS FIA Data Center

Data Visualization tools


Data Extraction Tools - Tools created and maintained by SRS FIA


- Timber Product Output (TPO) data retrieval tool This tool will allow users create custom reports for removals information.


- Southern Nonnative Invasive Plant data Extraction Tool (SNIPET). This tool will allow users to create custom subplot lists for the invasive plant data currently available.


Data Extraction Tools - Tools created and maintained by others.

- Virginia Tech's RootReport Provides research and extension services for people who work with nontimber forest products (NTFPs), including medicinal, edible and decorative plants and fungi.


- EVALIDATOR This program allows users to produce a large variety of population estimates and their sampling errors based on the current FIADB.


- FIDO Forest Inventory Data Online – Create your own forest inventory tables and maps.


- Data Mart Download raw data, Microsoft Access databases, FIADB Users Manuals, and access standard tables and recent data load history.


- Southern On Line Estimator (SOLE) application. The Southern On-Line Estimator (SOLE) is a web-based forest-data analysis tool. This online analysis tool is based on publicly-available county level annual data from the Forest Inventory and Analysis Database (FIADB). SOLE produces statistical tables, figures, maps, and PDF reports based on user-selected area and variables

- Carbon On Line Estimator (COLEv2.0) application. COLEv2.0 enables the user to examine forest carbon characteristics of any area of the continental United States. COLE data are based on USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory & Analysis and Resource Planning Assessment data, enhanced by other ecological data. 



SRS FIA Data Mapping- links to maps created from SRS FIA data.





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