Forest Inventory and Analysis

Timber Product Output (TPO) Database Retrieval System

Developed in Support of the Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment

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Ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of trees are harvested from the forests of the Nation; the North, South, East or West; your State; or even your County? How much of the wood volume in these trees is removed from the forest as roundwood products (e.g. sawlogs, pulpwood, fuelwood, etc.), and how much is left on the ground as logging residues? Wondered how much bark and wood residues are generated when mills process these roundwood products into finished products (e.g. lumber, veneer, paper and pulp, etc.)? And how much of these mill residues end up being used for products themselves or end up being disposed of as waste?

Wonder no more.

The Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Units of the USDA Forest Service have developed this Timber Product Output (TPO) Database Retrieval System to help you answer these and other questions dealing with timber harvesting and use in the United States. This system acts as an interface to a standard set of consistently coded TPO data for each State and county in the Country. This national set of TPO data consists of 11 data variables that describe for each county the roundwood products harvested, the logging residues left behind, the timber otherwise removed, and the wood and bark residues generated by its primary wood-using mills. With this system you can answer many of the questions that have kept you wondering in the past.

Cautionary note!

Before you use this system, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the standardized TPO data accessed by this system, the sources of these data, and the terminology used in this retrieval system and the output tables it generates. Doing so will make you aware of the data’s intended uses and inherent limitations, which will minimize the chances for confusion and misuse. If you still have questions or need help interpreting the results of your retrieval, please feel free ask the appropriate TPO contact for your State or region.