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Sweet Smelling Toilet Installation Guide

A vault toilet building designed for passive ventilation can help maintain an odor-free facility. However, the best-designed facility will not function properly unless it is sited correctly and properly maintained. The sweet smelling toilet (SST) concept covers all facets of toilet building design including construction materials, maintenance, and location. The Tech Tip, SST Installation Guide (0323–1303P–SDTDC), is intended to reacquaint engineers, architects, and others with the basic principles of SST technology.

Photo of a vault toilet building at a recreation site.

Site the SST vault to ensure an unobstructed airflow over the top of the vent stack for passive ventilation. Locate the wall vent and orient the building to take advantage of the unobstructed airflow. These issues are addressed with illustrations and complete instructions.

For more information on sweet smelling toilets, contact Brenda Land, project leader (phone: 909–599–1267, ext. 219; fax: 909–592–2309; e-mail:

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