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Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Symposium 2008; October 21-23, 2008; Park City, UT



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Proceedings (P)

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Rocky Mountain Research Station


Proc. RMRS-P-56CD. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 1 CD.


These proceedings report invited presentations and contributions to the 2008 Biennial Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Symposia, which was hosted by the Research and Development branch of the U.S. Forest Service. As the only comprehensive and continuous census of the forests in the USA, FIA provides strategic information needed to evaluate sustainability of current forest management practices across all ownerships. Symposium papers cover high priority and timely issue-based topics, including climate change, wildlife, fire, bio-energy, geo-spatial extensions, monitoring over time, integrating remote sensing and GIS applications, statistical and related quantitative solutions to emerging needs, and many others

Joint simulation of regional areas burned in Canadian forest fires: A Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach
Rapid assessment of wildfire damage using Forest Inventory data: A case in Georgia
Using FIA data in the Forest Vegetation Simulator
EVALIDatorReports: Reporting beyond the FIADB
Long Term Ecological Monitoring Program on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska: An FIA adjunct inventory
Monitoring and modeling terrestrial arthropod diversity on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
Tree crown condition in Virginia before and after Hurricane Isabel (September 2003)
Estimating fine-scale land use change dynamics using an expedient photointerpretation-based method
Development of issue-relevant state level analyses of fragmentation and urbanization
A preliminary investigation of forest carbon changes associated with land-use change in northern New England
Quantification of Lewis's Woodpecker habitat using Forest Inventory and Analysis data
Integrating Landsat-derived disturbance maps with FIA inventory data: Applications for state-Level forest resource assessments
Analyzing Landsat time-series data across adjacent path/rows and across multiple cycles of FIA: Lessons learned in southern Missouri
Trends in afforestation in southern Missouri
Overview of the National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Center (NIMAC)
Design tool for inventory and monitoring
Inventory of trees in nonforest areas in the Great Plains states
Effects of plot size on forest-type algorithm accuracy
Wisconsin State Forests Continuous Forest Inventory: A look at the first year
Combining forest inventory, satellite remote sensing, and geospatial data for mapping forest attributes of the conterminous United States
An assessment of the relationship between emerald ash borer presence and landscape pattern
Mountain pine beetle infestations and Sudden Aspen Decline in Colorado: Can the Forest Inventory and Analysis annual inventory system address the issues?
Harmonizing estimates of forest land area from national-level forest inventory and satellite imagery
Investigation into calculating tree biomass and carbon in the FIADB using a biomass expansion factor approach
Estimating diesel fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from forest road construction
Determining landscape-level carbon emissions from historically harvested forest products
Lichens, ozone, and forest health - exploring cross-indicator analyses with FIA data
The power of FIA Phase 3 Crown-Indicator variables to detect change
From detection monitoring to evaluation monitoring - a case study involving crown dieback in northern white-cedar
Can live tree size-density relationships provide a mechanism for predicting down and dead tree resources?
Vegetation inventory data: How much is enough?
Tree-level imputation techniques to estimate current plot-level attributes in the Pacific Northwest using paneled inventory data
Opportunities to improve monitoring of temporal trends with FIA panel data
Spatial-temporal models for improved county-level annual estimates
Using Landsat imagery and FIA data to examine wood supply uncertainty
Mapping upland hardwood site quality and productivity with GIS and FIA in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina
Testing ecoregions in Kentucky and Tennessee with satellite imagery and Forest Inventory data
Improving North American forest biomass estimates from literature synthesis and meta-analysis of existing biomass equations
Relationships between forest structure, composition, site, and spruce beetle occurrence in the Intermountain West
Evaluating cypress sustainability - "FIA in the hot seat"
Use of damage surveys and field inventories to evaluate oak and sugar maple health in the northern United States
A real-time web-based optimal Biomass Site Assessment Tool (BioSAT): Module 1. An economic assessment of mill residues for the southern U.S.
Mixed multi-scalar methods to assess wood biomass availability on family forests in Virginia's Southside
A strategic assessment of biofuels development in the Western States
Predicting forest attributes from climate data using a recursive partitioning and regression tree algorithm
Actual Evapotranspiration (AET) and tree species richness in the eastern U.S.A.
Summary and findings of the 2006 BLM Forest Lands Report
Tree migration detection through comparisons of historic and current forest inventories
From genes to ecosystems: Measuring evolutionary diversity and community structure with Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data
Combining FIA plot data with topographic variables: Are precise locations needed?
Using interpreted large scale aerial photo data to enhance satellite-based mapping and explore forest land definitions
The role of pre-field operations at four forest inventory units: We can see the trees, not just the forest
A stem-map model for predicting tree canopy cover of Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) plots
Correct county areas with sidebars for Virginia
An assessment of the impact of FIA's default assumptions on the estimates of coarse woody debris volume and biomass
Field results for line intersect distance sampling of coarse woody debris
A comparison of forest height prediction from FIA field measurement and LiDAR data via spatial models
Calculation of upper confidence bounds on not-sampled vegetation types using a systematic grid sample: An application to map unit definition for existing vegetation maps
Evaluation of open source data mining software packages


McWilliams, Will; Moisen, Gretchen; Czaplewski, Ray, comps. 2009. Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Symposium 2008; October 21-23, 2008; Park City, UT. Proc. RMRS-P-56CD. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 1 CD.

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