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Proceedings of the 18th biennial southern silvicultural research conference




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General Technical Report (GTR)

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Southern Research Station


Proceedings of the 18th biennial southern silvicultural research conference. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-212. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station


At the 18th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference held in Knoxville, TN, a range of topics germane to the ecology and management of southern forests was addressed in 101 oral and 61 poster presentations. Papers are grouped into 14 topic sections and include soil and site relationships, forest threats, conservation, nutrition, fire, biometrics, biomass, growth and development, pine regeneration, longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, PineMap, hardwood regeneration and hardwood management. These proceedings provide insight into the latest research conducted by myriad entities including Universities, government agencies and resource managers.

Status of state forestry best management practices for the southeastern United States
Evaluation of erosion control BMPs on ditched haul road stream crossing approaches following reconstruction
Sediment accretion rates for natural levee and backswamp riparian forests in the Mobile-Tensaw Bottomlands, Alabama
A brief overview of the 25-year-old long-term soil productivity study in the south
Soil CO2 efflux and water use efficiency across diverse cover types in southern Appalachian hardwood forests
Growth and performance of loblolly pine genetic planting stock through eight years
Screening Pinus taeda (loblolly pine) families for physical and mechanical properties using vibrational spectroscopy
Evaluating first-year pine seedling survival plateau in Louisiana
Status of fusiform rust incidence in slash and loblolly pine plantations in the southeastern United States
Fate of residual canopy trees following harvesting to underplant longleaf pine seedlings in loblolly pine stands in Georgia
Effects of elevated tropospheric ozone and fluctuating moisture supply on loblolly pine seedlings inoculated with root infecting ophiostomatoid fungi
Species composition and succession in yellow pine stands following southern pine beetle outbreaks in Tennessee-preliminary results
Oak decline across the Ozark Highlands- from stand to landscape and regional scale processes
Modeling stem profile of Triadica Sebifera in southern forestlands of Mississippi
Wild Pigs: inciting factor in southern pine decline?
Breeding bird response to a second-stage shelterwood harvest in an upland hardwood forest
Potential effects of forestry operations and associated best management practices on riparian wildlife species in the southeastern United States
Forest structure of oak plantations after silvicultural treatment to enhance habitat for wildlife
Bird-friendly recommendations for bottomland forests in the Carolinas: birds and people on common ground
Slash pine regeneration and groundcover responses following harvesting in hydric flatwoods
Silvicultural treatments to improve pondberry stem length growth
Eastern hemlock found in Macon County, Alabama
Silviculture to restore oak woodlands
The influence from combinations of prescribed fire, herbicide injection, and partial overstory removal on restoration of natural oak stands in the Arkansas Ozarks
Oak woodland restoration in the Missouri Ozarks: two case studies examining responses of ground flora vegetation to prescribed fire
Soil fertility assessment in the 3 PG model using site index in the southeastern United States
Consumption and reaccumulation of forest fuels in oak shelterwood stands managed with prescribed fire
Mechanical mastication as a fuels treatment in southeastern forests
Tree mortality following a drought-year lightning ignition in the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas: 2 years postburn
Longleaf pine adaptation to fire: is early height growth pattern critical to fire survival?
First year sprouting and growth dynamics in response to prescribed fire in a mesic mixed-oak forest
The establishment of shortleaf pine following repeated prescribed burns at Catoosa WMA
Quantifying and mapping spatial variability in simulated forest plots
A collection of sprouting parameters for simulating regeneration establishment in the Missouri Ozarks
Simulating the effects of site index variation within loblolly pine plantations using an individual tree growth and yield model
Modeling individual tree survial
An updated whole stand growth and yield system for planted longleaf pine in southwest Georgia
A web based growth and yield systems for southeastern pine and hardwood stands
Hydrologic effects on diameter growth phenology for Celtis laevigata and Quercus lyrata in the floodplain of the lower White River, Arkansas
Quality and yield of seven forages grown under partial shading of a simulated silvopastoral system in east Texas
The silviculture of silvopasture
Effects of cultural intensity and density regime treatment on post-thinning loblolly pine individual tree DBH increment in the lower coastal plain of the southeastern United States
Southern pine beetle in loblolly pine: simulating within stand interactions using the process model SPBLOBTHIN
Will crown ideotype help determine optimum varietal silviculture?
Effects of first thinning on growth of loblolly pine plantations in the West Coastal Plain
Early density management of longleaf pine reduces susceptibility to ice storm damage
Air lateral root pruning affects longleaf pine seedling root system morphology
Restoration of longleaf pine--the status of our knowledge
Recent advances in understanding duff consumption and post-fire longleaf pine mortality
Silviculture for a declining species, Cerulean Warbler: 10-year results of a pilot study in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Effects of fertilization and three years of throughfall reduction on leaf physiology of loblolly pine
Trade-off between forest productivity and carbon sequestration in soil
The effects of decreased water availability on loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) productivity and the interaction between fertilizer and drought
Stem diameter dynamics under varying shelterwood treatments in an upland hardwood forest on the Cumberland Plateau escarpment
Stand development patterns for young planted oak stands on bottomland hardwood restoration sites
Herbicide options for hardwood management
Field test of foliar-spray herbicides to control mountain laurel in mature mixed-oak forests in western Maryland
Development of an upland hardwood demonstration forest on the Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest
Epicormic development in pole-size white oak (Quercus Alba L.) progeny tests three years following crown release
The allelopathic influence of post oak (Quercus stellata) on plant species in southern U.S
Underplanted shortleaf pine seedling survival and growth in the North Carolina Piedmont
Age and size comparisons of regenerating shortleaf pine seedlings burned multiple times in ecosysten restoration areas
Site suitability for shortleaf pine restoration in the eastern Alabama Fall Line Region
Silviculture's impact on the historical shortleaf component of pine forests in the Upper West Gulf Coastal Plain
Multiple treatments yield early success in a shortleaf pine woodland restoration project in the Missouri Ozarks
The potential of using coppice growth as training trees in plantations for the production of high-quality oak boles
Influence of flooding, freezing, and American beaver herbivory on survival of planted oak seedlings
Seven year effects of meadow vole herbivory on oak survival
Response of planted northern red oak seedlings to regeneration harvesting, Midstory removal, and prescribed burning
Strip thinning young hardwood forests: multi-functional management for wood, wildlife, and bioenergy
Effects of light regime and IBA concentration on adventitious rooting of an eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) clone
Survival and growth performance of two oak species and three planting stocks on lands disturbed by Hurricane Katrina
Assessing the regeneration potential of productive mixed-hardwood stands following single and repeated prescribed fire
Impact of thinning on soil properties and biomass in Apalachicola National Forest, Florida
Optimal management and productivity of Eucalyptus grandis on former phosphate mined and citrus lands in central and southern Florida: influence of genetics and spacing
Feasibility of utilizing small diameter southern pine for biomass in the Virginia Coastal Plain
The effects of harvesting short rotation cottonwood with tree shears in Arkansas
Weather effects on the success of longleaf pine cone crops
Simulation of design-unbiased point-to-particle sampling compared to alternatives on plantation rows
Detection of severe storm signatures in loblolly pine using seven-year periodic standardized averages and standard deviations
Performance of container-grown seedlings of American chestnut backcross hybrids BC3 F3 generation in central Louisiana
Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) and hardwood regeneration after thinning natural shortleaf pine forests in southern United States
Twenty five years long survival analysis of an individual shortleaf pine trees
Fuel and litter characteristics in fire-excluded and restored northern Mississippi oak-hickory woodlands
Changes in soil chemistry six months after prescribed fire in a longleaf pine plantation in Mississippi
Temporal and spatial patterns of soil CO2 efflux, soil carbon, and root biomass associated with bedding in young loblolly pine plantations
Is natural defense capacity correlated with allocation of dry mass to the stem in loblolly pine?
A preliminary model of yellow-poplar seedling establishment two years after a growing season prescribed fire in southern Appalachian oak stands
Estimating carbon stocks in uneven-aged bottomland hardwood forest stands in south Louisiana
Growth analysis of oak trees in bottomland hardwood restoration planting in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Rotation-length effects of diverse levels of competition control and pre-commercial thinning on stand development and financial performance of loblolly pine in central Louisiana
Using multi-spectral landsat imagery to examine forest health trends at Fort Benning, Georgia
Changes in bark composition from long-term elevated CO2 treatment: Implications for the management of sweetgum as a wood energy crop
An assessment of coarse woody debris dynamics in an urban forest


Schweitzer, C.J.; Clatterbuck, W.K.; Oswalt, C.M., eds. 2016. Proceedings of the 18th biennial southern silvicultural research conference. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-212. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 614 p.


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