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Upland oak ecology symposium: history, current conditions, and sustainability




Publication type:

General Technical Report (GTR)

Primary Station(s):

Southern Research Station


Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-73. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 311 p.


Fifty-one papers address the ecology, history, current conditions, and sustainability of upland oak forests - with emphasis on the Interior Highlands. Subject categories were selected to provide focused coverage of the state-of-the-art research and understanding of upland oak ecology of the region.

Upland Oak Ecology Symposium: A Synthesis
Thinking About Oak Forests as Responsive Ecosystems
Upland Hardwood Forests and Related Communities of the Arkansas Ozarks in the Early 19th Century
The Forest as a Resource: From Prehistory to History in the Arkansas Ozarks
History of Missouri Forests in the Era of Exploitation and Conservation
Old-growth Wooded Pasture in the Ozarks
Age Distribution of Oak Forests in North-Central Arkansas
Patterns of Oak Dominance in the Eastern Ouachita Mountains Suggested by Early Records
Upland Oak Ecology and Management
Oak Dispersal Syndromes: Do Red and White Oaks Exhibit Different Dispersal Srategies?
The Keystone Role of Oak and Hickory in the Central Hardwood Forest
A Pilot Test of Indicator Species to Assess Uniqueness of Oak-Dominated Ecoregions in Central Tennessee
Oak Forest Composition, Site Quality, and Dynamics in Relation to Site Factors in the Southeastern Missouri Ozarks
A Dendrochronological Analysis of Red Oak Borer Abundance
Wildlife and Upland Oak Forests
Oak-Black Bear Relationships in Southeastern Uplands
Use of Tree Species by Summer Birds in Ozark Upland Oak-Hickory Forest
Survival of Hardwood Regeneration During Prescribed Fires: The Importance of Root Development and Root Collar Location
The Effects of Humans and Topography on Wildland Fire, Forests, and Species Abundance
Fire History of a Forest, Savanna, and Fen Mosaic at White Ranch State Forest
A Perspective on Quercus Life History Characteristics and Forest Diturbance
Survivorship and Growth of Oak Regeneration in Wind-Created Gaps
Comparison of Saproxylic Beetle (Coleoptera) Assemblages in Upland Hardwood and Bottomland Hardwood Forests
Litter Decomposition in Low and High Mortality Northern Red Oak Stands on Extremely Acidic Southwestern Pennsylvania Soils
Characterization of an Old-Growth Forest in the Cross Timbers of Oklahoma
Upland Oak Regeneration and Management
Effects of Different Large-Scale Prescribed Burning Regimes of Advance Reproduction in the Missouri Ozarks
Oak Ecosystem Restoration and Maintenance in Southern Illinois
Effect of Pre-Harvest Shade Control and Fencing on Northern Red oak Seedling Development in the Central Appalachians
Oak Growth and Response to Thinning
Success of Underplanting Northern Red Oaks
Wood Products by Species and Quality in Upland Forests
Oak Decline and Red Oak Borer in the Interior Highlands of Arkansas an Missouri: Natural Phenomena, Severe Occurrences
Biology and Sampling of Red Oak Borer Populations in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas
Oak Mortality Trends on the Interior Highlands of Arkansas
Assessing Oak Decline Incidence and Distribution in the Southern U.S. Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Data
Birds of Upland Oak Forests in the Arkansas Ozarks: Present Community Structure and Potential Impacts of Burning, Borers, and Forestry Practices
Impacts of Potential Oak Forest Change on Breeding Birds in Northwestern Arkansas
Oak Decline in Missouri: History Revisited
Modeling Gypsy Moth-Related Tree Mortality Under Different Outbreak Scenarios in Interior Highlands Forests
Fitting Fire into Oak Management
Conversion of Successionally Stable Even-Aged Oak Stands to an Uneven-Aged Structure
Regeneration Potential of Selected Forested Stands on the Cumberland Plateau of North Alabama
Survival of Hardwood Seedlings and Saplings Following Overstory Thinning and Prescribed Fires in Mixed-Oak Forests of Southern Ohio
Understory Response to Disturbance: An Investigation of Prescribed Burning and Understory Removal Treatments
The Influence of Soil Scarification on Oak Reproduction: Review and Management Considerations
The Effects of Lime, Fertilizer, and Herbicide on Forest Soil Solution Chemistry and Northern Red Oak Radial Growth Following Shelterwood Harvest
Oak Bole-Wood Chemistry Response to Fertilization at Two Ozark Sites
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Weeviled Acorns within a Northern Red oak Seedling Orchard
Where Do We Go From Here?


Spetich, Martin A. [Editor]. 2004. Upland oak ecology symposium: history, current conditions, and sustainability. Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-73. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 311 p.


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