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This risk assessment projects the effects of eight forest diseases under two climate-change scenarios (warmer and drier, warmer and wetter). Examples are used to describe how various types of forest diseases may respond to environmental changes. Forest diseases discussed in this report include…
Author(s): John T. Kliejunas
Keywords: Climate change, forest pathogens, environmental risk assessment, foliar diseases, Phytophthora, Armillaria, stem rusts, canker diseases, dwarf mistletoe, root diseases, yellow-cedar decline
Source: General Technical Report PSW-GTR-236. Albany, CA: USDA-Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 70 p.
Year: 2011
As climate changes, the effects of forest diseases on forest ecosystems will change. We review knowledge of relationships between climate variables and several forest diseases, as well as current evidence of how climate, host and pathogen interactions are responding or might respond to climate…
Author(s): R.N. Sturrock, Susan Frankel, A. V. Brown, Paul Hennon, J. T. Kliejunas, K. J. Lewis, J. J. Worrall, A. J. Woods
Keywords: forest management, forest pathogens, plant disease management, plant pathogens, sudden aspen decline, yellow-cedar decline
Source: Plant Pathology. 60: 133–149
Year: 2011