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This study applied the Model of Acidification of Groundwater in Catchments (MAGIC) to estimate the sensitivity of 66 watersheds in the Southern Blue Ridge Province of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, United States, to changes in atmospheric sulfur (S) deposition. MAGIC predicted that stream acid…
Author(s): Timothy Sullivan, Bernard Cosby, William Jackson, Kai Snyder, Alan Herlihy
Keywords: Sulfur, Atmospheric deposition, Base cation, Acidification, Modeling
Source: Water Air Soil Pollut 219:11-26
Year: 2011
An important tool in the evaluation of acidification damage to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems is the critical load (CL), which represents the steady-state level of acidic deposition below which ecological damage would not be expected to occur, according to current scientific understanding. A…
Author(s): Timothy Sullivan, Bernard Cosby, William Jackson
Keywords: Sulfur, Critical load, Target load, Acidification, Stream, Modeling
Source: Journal of Environmental Management 92:2953-2960
Year: 2011
The critical load (CL) of acidic atmospheric deposition represents the load of acidity deposited from the atmosphere to the earth’s surface at which harmful acidification effects on sensitive biological receptors are thought to occur. In this study, the CL for forest soils was estimated for 27…
Author(s): T.C. McDonnell, B.J. Cosby, T.J. Sullivan, S.G. McNulty, E.C. Cohen
Keywords: Acidification, Weathering, Sulfur, Critical load, Atmospheric deposition
Source: Environmental Pollution 158:2934-2939
Year: 2010
The streams tributary to acidic Cone Pond, pH 4.5-4.8, and circumneutral Black Pond, pH 5.3-6.4, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA, were monitored for a year. The watersheds of these two ponds were characterized in terms of geology and stream hydrology. Chemical gradients and patterns in…
Author(s): Scott W. Bailey, James W. Hornbeck, C. Wayne Martin, Donald C. Buso
Keywords: Acid precipitation, Acidification, New Hampshire, Ponds, Rock weathering, Stream chemistry, Streams, White Mountains
Source: Environmental Management. 11(1): 53-60.
Year: 1987
The development and use of critical loads of air pollutant deposition in the U.S. is gaining momentum, and recent research efforts in the U.S. have produced valuable data for calculating critical loads. Critical loads are used to quantify the levels of air pollutants that are expected to impact…
Author(s): Tamara F. Blett, Jason A. Lynch, Linda H. Pardo, Cindy Huber, Richard Haeuber, Richard Pouyat
Keywords: Air quality, Acidification, Nitrogen saturation, Eutrophication, Ecological thresholds
Source: Environmental Science & Policy
Year: 2014