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Since 1985 72 percent of the forest land on the Allegheny National Forest has been subject to at least one moderate to severe defoliation from any of three native or three exotic agents. In addition, droughts affected the forest in 1972, 1988 and 1991. As a result, at least 20 percent of the…
Author(s): Susan L. Stout, Christopher A. Nowak, James A. Redding, Robert White, William H. McWilliams, William H. McWilliams
Keywords: forest health, forest damage, Allegheny National Forest (Pa.)
Source: In: L. G. Eskew, comp. Forest health through silviculture: proceedings of the 1995 National Silviculture Workshop, Mescalero, New Mexico, May 8-11, 1995. Gen. Tech. Rep. RM-GTR-267. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station: 79-86
Year: 1995