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The Tapajós National Forest (FLONA Tapajós) has 600,000 hectares of protected forest, and is situated 50 km south of the city of Santarém, Pará, Brazil, a port city of 250,000 inhabitants that is located at the confluence of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers. There is a lot of farmland in the region,…
Author(s): R.C. Oliveira Junior, M. Keller, J. F. da F. Ramos, T.P. Beldini, P.M Crill, P.B. de Camargo, J. van Haren
Keywords: Amazon region, nutrient cycling, tropical forest
Source: Ambiente & Agua. 10:263-285.
Year: 2015
The emission of gases that may potentially intensify the greenhouse effect has received special attention due to their ability to raise global temperatures and possibly modify conditions for life on earth. The objectives of this study were the quantification of trace gas flux (N2O, CO2 and CH4) in…
Author(s): R.C. Oliveira Junior, Michael Keller, P. Crill, T. Beldini, J. Van Haren, P. Camargo
Keywords: Amazon region, trace gas, crops
Source: African Journal of Agricultural Research
Year: 2015