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The Klamath-Siskiyou forests of northern California and southern Oregon are recognized as an area of globally outstanding biological distinctiveness. When evaluated at a national or global level, this region is often, necessarily, considered to be uniformly diverse. Due to large variation in biotic…
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Dunk, William J. Zielinski, Hartwell Jr. Welsh
Keywords: Conservation planning, hotspot, mollusc, Northwest Forest Plan, representation, reserves, salamander, species richness, umbrella species, 4251, rwu-4251
Source: Diversity and Distributions12: 434-442
Year: 2006
Protection of area-limited species is an important component of plans to conserve biodiversity, but the habitat needs of such species can be different and important habitats may not align with existing reserves. We used empirically derived landscape suitability models for the spotted owl and the…
Author(s): William J. Zielinski, Carlos Carroll, Jeffrey R. Dunk
Keywords: Conservation planning, Landscape suitability, Fisher, Martes pennanti, Spotted owl, Strix occidentalis, Habitat suitability, Modeling
Source: Biological Conservation 133(4): 409-430
Year: 2006
Agroforestry buffers in riparian zones can improve stream water quality, provided they intercept and remove contaminants from surface runoff and/or shallow groundwater. Soils, topography, surficial geology, and hydrology determine the capability of forest buffers to intercept and treat these flows…
Author(s): Mark D. Tomer, Michael G. Dosskey, Michael R. Burkart, David E. James, Matthew J. Helmers, Dean E. Eisenhauer
Keywords: Conservation planning, conservation practices, non-point pollution, soil survey, terrain analyses
Source: Agroforest Syst: 10 p.
Year: 2008
Global climate change is having marked influences on species distributions, phenology and ecosystem composition and raises questions as to the effectiveness of current conservation strategies. Conservation planning has only recently begun to adequately account for dynamic threats such as climate…
Author(s): Debbie Jewitt, Barend F.N. Erasmus, Peter S. Goodman, Timothy G. O'Connor, William W. Hargrove, Damian M. Maddalena, Ed. T.F. Witkowski
Keywords: Climatic stability, Conservation planning, Gradient analysis, Habitat intactness, Refugia
Source: Applied Geography. 63: 33-42
Year: 2015