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The processes that control the formation, intensity and track of hurricanes are poorly understood1. It has been proposed that an increase in sea surface temperatures caused by anthropogenic climate change has led to an increase in the frequency of intense tropical cyclones2,3, but this proposal has…
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Donnelly, Jonathan D. Woodruff
Keywords: hurricane, El Nino, West African, Vieques
Source: Vol 447|24 May 2007| doi:10.1038/nature05834
Year: 2007
Using 27 years of point count data collected at the San Joaquin Experimental Range, Madera County, California, we modeled the importance of weather and climate variables on annual variability in the abundance of 35 bird species, to assess the potential responses of birds to changing environmental…
Author(s): Kathryn Purcell, Sylvia Mori
Keywords: climate change, drought, El Nino, long-term data, monitoring, oak woodlands, precipitation, temperature
Source: Trends and Traditions: Avifaunal Change in Western North America. Studies of Western Birds No. 3
Year: 2018