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Copper remains a key component used in wood preservatives available today. However, the observed tolerance of several critical wood rotting organisms continues to be problematic. Tolerance to copper has been linked to the production and accumulation of oxalate, which precipitates copper into…
Author(s): Katie M. Jenkins, Carol A. Clausen, Frederick Green III
Keywords: brown-rot decay, copper-tolerance, oxalate, Fibroporia, proximity to copper
Source: The International Research Group on wood Protection, section 1, Biology, IRG/WP 14-10823; 2014; pp. 2-12.
Year: 2014
Copper is currently used as the key component in wood preservatives despite the known tolerance of many brown-rot Basidiomycetes. Copper-tolerant fungi, like Fibroporia radiculosa, produce and accumulate high levels of oxalate when exposed to copper. To gain insight into the mechanism of…
Author(s): Katie Jenkins, Carol A. Clausen, Frederick Green, Susan V. Diehl
Keywords: Copper-tolerance, Brown-rot decay, Oxalate, Fibroporia, Antrodia, Gene expression
Source: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation
Year: 2015