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Structural and nonstructural panels have been the fastest growing sector among wood products for the past two decades. The recent spate of plant construction and drop in product prices indicate slower growth and consolidation in the next 2 years. Growth in demand is unlikely to catch up with…
Author(s): H. N. Spelter, D. B. McKeever, I. Durbak
Keywords: Panels, Forest products industries, Economics, Particleboards, Fiberboards, Plywood, Laminated wood, Markets, Prices, Costs, USA, Canada, Laminated veneer lumber
Source: (General technical report FPL ; GTR-99):45 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Year: 1997
A practical method for tracking the effect of curtailment announcements on lumber supply is described and tested. Combining announcements of closures and curtailments with mill capacities enables the creation of accurate forward-looking assessments of lumber supply 1 to 2 months into the future.…
Author(s): Henry Spelter
Keywords: Lumber, Forest products industries, Sawnwood, Prediction, Market intelligence, Supply balance
Source: Forest products journal. Vol. 51, nos. 7/8 (July/Aug. 2001).:p. 44-46.
Year: 2001
More than 1,200 sawmills produce the bulk of U.S. and Canadian softwood lumber. The maps and tables in this report show the location and size of these mills by State and Province. Analysis of timber inventories in relation to use shows a close correspondence between pricing and use intensity. In…
Author(s): Henry Spelter, Tim McKeever
Keywords: Softwood--Inventories--United States, Softwood--Inventories--Canada, Forest products industry--United States, Forest products industry--Canada, Sawmills, Timber, Softwoods, Sawmilling, Mills, Forest products industries, Forest inventories, Stumpage value
Source: (Research paper FPL ; RP-579):7, [68] p. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.
Year: -1
A *Horn of Plentya awaits veneer producers who attack problems with the right strategies, reduce wood costs, upgrade products.
Author(s): Henry Spelter, Peter Ince
Keywords: Forest products industries, Veneers, Wood panels, Plywood, Cost benefit analysis
Source: Wood technology. Vol. 126, no. 9 (Oct. 1999).:p. 32-33 : ill.
Year: 1999
A review of market history shows that southern pine sawtimber stumpage prices have increased by over 150 percent in this decade (Timber Mart South). Concurrently, some (i.e. Cubbage and Abt (1996) Nilsson et al (1999)) have questioned the adequacy of southern timber…
Author(s): Henry Spelter
Keywords: Pinus, Forest products industries, Softwoods, Sawnwood, Supply balance, Market prices, Stumpage value, Forest inventories, Growth rates, Southern states of USA
Source: 1999 World Wood Summit : Session Three : Issues in the Western Hemisphere : United States : where to cut? where to run?. [San Francisco, CA : Miller Freeman, Inc., 1999].:10 p. : ill.
Year: 1999
The relationship between annual softwood sawmill production and lumber processing variables was examined using data from Sawmill Improvement Program (SIP) studies of 650 softwood mills. The variables were lumber recovery factor (LRF); headrig and resaw kerf width; total sawing variation, rough…
Author(s): P. H. Steele, F. G. Wagner, K. E. Skog
Keywords: Sawmilling, MIlls, Softwoods, Production, Forest products industries
Source: (Research paper FPL ; RP-504):12 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Year: -1
This Note illustrates how a sales summary can be modified to separately identify changes in sales realization caused by changes in market prices and by changes in the product mix sold. With this information, a sales summary can become a helpful record to gage effects of past production and…
Author(s): G. B. Harpole
Keywords: Forest products industries, Accountin, Market price, Wood products, Sales analysi, Manufacturers, Product mix
Source: (Research note FPL ; 0234):3 p.
Year: 1976
The development of grade standards for recycled timber and lumber will aid in reclaiming the value of wood.
Author(s): Preston Horne-Brine, Robert Falk
Keywords: Recycled wood, Forest products industries, Markets, Economic analysis, Grading
Source: Resource recycling. (Aug. 1999).:p. 42, 44-46 : ill.
Year: 1999
This report presents statistical information on production, trade, consumption, and prices of forest products in the United States. Although national statistics are dealt with for the most part, some statistics are given for regions, states, and Canada. The tables presented in this report contain…
Author(s): James L. Howard
Keywords: Forest products industries, Production, Timber trade, Consumption, Prices
Source: (General technical report FPL ; GTR-116):iv, 76 p. : ill., map ; 28 cm.
Year: 1999
In many applications of Monte Carlo simulation in forestry or forest products, it may be known that some variables are correlated. However, for simplicity, in most simulations it has been assumed that random variables are independently distributed. This report describes an alternative Monte Carlo…
Author(s): P. J. Ince, J. Buongiorno
Keywords: Forestry, Forest products industries, Monte Carlo method, Stochastic processes, Mathematical models, Statistical analysis
Source: Proceedings of the 1991 Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources : March 3-6, 1991, Charleston, South Carolina. Asheville, NC : Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, 1991. General technical report SE ; 74.:p. 143-150 : ill.
Year: 1991