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Background: Forest biodiversity is the foundation of many ecosystem services, and the effect of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning and processes (BEF) has been a central issue in biodiversity studies. Although many hypotheses have been developed to interpret global gradients of biodiversity,…
Author(s): Yude Pan, Kevin McCullough, David Y. Hollinger
Keywords: Forest biodiversity, Biodiversity effect on function (BEF), New England, Forest inventory data, Species diversity, Latitudinal diversity gradient, Forest stability of ecosystem functioning, Forest resilience, Sugar maple, Red maple, Changing climate
Source: Forest Ecosystems
Year: 2018
Concern regarding extensive damage to tropical forests resulting from logging increased dramatically after World War II when mechanized logging systems developed in industrialized countries were deployed in the tropics. As a consequence, tropical foresters began developing logging procedures that…
Author(s): Tom Holmes
Keywords: Bio-economic models, Carbon payments, Forest damage, Forest resilience, Sustainable tropical forest management
Source: In:Tropical Forestry Handbook (2nd edition), L Pancel and M Kohl (editors), Springer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Year: 2016
Legacy effects from one disturbance may influence successional pathways by amplifying or buffering forest regeneration after the next disturbance. We assessed vegetation and tree regeneration in non-serotinous Sierra lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. murrayana) stands after a…
Author(s): Lucas B. Harris, Stacy A. Drury, Alan H. Taylor
Keywords: Repeated fires, Tree regeneration, Legacy effects, Forest resilience, High-severity wildfire, Pinus contorta
Source: Ecosystems. 113: 11770
Year: 2020