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Management practices, such as fire andmowing, can affect the distribution and quality of roots and soil C and N in grasslands. We examined long-term (13 years) effects of annual fire and mowing on fine (<2 mm) roots and soil C and N content in a native tallgrass prairie at Konza Prairie…
Author(s): D.J. Kitchen, J.M. Blair, M.A. Callaham
Keywords: Fire, Grassland, Mowing, Root biomass, depth distribution, Soil C and N, Tallgrass prairie
Source: Plant and Soil 323:235–247
Year: 2009
This study addressed differences between Diplocardia spp. (a native North American earthworm) and Octolasion tyrtaeum (an introduced European species), with respect to behavior, influence on soil microbial biomass, and plant uptake of N in tallgrass prairie soils. We manipulated earthworms in PVC-…
Author(s): Mac A. Callaham, John M. Blair
Keywords: Grassland, microbial biomass, soil invertebrates, nitrogen, stable isotopes
Source: Biol Fertile Soils (2001) 34:49-56
Year: 2001
Empirical critical loads for N deposition effects and maps showing areas projected to be in exceedance of the critical load (CL) are given for seven major vegetation types in California. Thirty-five percent of the land area for these vegetation types (99,639 km2) is estimated to be in excess of the…
Author(s): M.E. Fenn, E.B. Allen, S.B. Weiss, S. Jovan, L. Geiser, G.S. Tonnesen, R.F. Johnson, L.E. Rao, B.S. Gimeno, F. Yuan, T. Meixner, A. Bytnerowicz
Keywords: Critical loads, California ecosystems, Nitrogen deposition, Eutrophication, Nitrogen response thresholds, Air pollution effects, Management options, Grassland, Coastal sage scrub, Desert, Pinyon-juniper, Forest, Chaparral, Oak woodland, Epiphytic lichens
Source: Journal of Environmental Management. 91: 2404-2423
Year: 2010
Nitrogen is the primary nutrient limiting ecosystem productivity over most of the US. Although soil nitrogen content is important, knowledge about its spatial extent at the continental scale is limited. The objective of this study was to estimate net nitrogen mineralization for the conterminous US…
Author(s): LeeAnna Y. Chapman, Steven G. McNulty, Ge Sun, Yang Zhang
Keywords: Nitrogen Limitation, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Forest, Grassland, Linear Regression, Plant Available Nitrogen
Source: International Journal of Geosciences 4:1300-1312
Year: 2013
The structure and dynamics of insect community in grasslands can be influenced by grazing management via altered characteristics of plant community. However, attempts to better understand the complex relationships among plants, insects, and large herbivores is still hampered largely by the…
Author(s): Hui Zhu, Deli Wang, Qinfeng Guo, Jun Liu, Ling Wang
Keywords: Grassland, Large herbivore grazing, Insect abundance, Plant Shannon-Wiener index, Order- and species-level
Source: Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 212: 245-252
Year: 2015
This study assesses the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) BRDF/albedo 8 day standard product and products from the daily Direct Broadcast BRDF/albedo algorithm, and shows that these products agree well with ground-based albedo measurements during the more difficult periods of…
Author(s): Zhuosen Wang, Crystal B. Schaaf, Alan H. Strahler, Mark J. Chopping, Miguel O. Román, Yanmin Shuai, Curtis E. Woodcock, David Y. Hollinger, David R. Fitzjarrald
Keywords: MODIS standard and daily albedo product, Snow albedo, Forest, Grassland, Spatial representativen
Source: Remote Sensing of Environment. 140: 60-77.
Year: 2014
Context Temperate grasslands and their dependent species are exposed to high variability in weather and climate due to the lack of natural buffers such as forests. Grassland birds are particularly vulnerable to this variability, yet have failed to shift poleward in response to recent climate change…
Author(s): Lisa A. McCauley, Christine A. Ribic, Lars Y. Pomara, Benjamin Zuckerberg
Keywords: Climate change vulnerability assessment, Demographic modeling, Grassland
Source: Landscape Ecology
Year: 2017