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The fungitoxic properties of four fungicides, alone and in combination, against four different mold fungi commonly associated with indoor air quality problems were evaluated on two different wood species and sheetrock. The fungicides were chlorothalonil (2,4,5,6-tetrachloroisophthalonitrile) (CTL)…
Author(s): Jessie A. Micales-Glaeser, Jeffrey D. Lloyd, Thomas L. Woods
Keywords: Mold, chlorothalonil, DOT, DDAC, borates, Bora-Care&reg, Cellu-Treat&reg, Mold-Care&reg, Clortram&reg, F-40, indoor air quality, IAQ, antisapstain, quaternary ammonium compounds, mildewcide
Source: IRG documents 2004 : IRG 35, 6-10 June 2004, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Stockholm, Sweden : IRG Secretariat, 2004. [14] Pages.
Year: 2004
THE WOOD PALLET AND CONTAINER INDUSTRY CONSUMES 4.5 billion board feet (BBF) of hardwoods and 1.8 BBF of softwoods for the annual production of 400-500 million solid wood pallets. While alternative materials such as plastic, corrugated paperboard and metal have entered the market, solid wood…
Author(s): Carol A. Clausen
Keywords: Mold, pallet
Source: In: PalletCentral, October 2012 pp. 24-27; 2012
Year: 2012
New approaches for wood protection based on green technologies have increased interest in using heartwood portions of certain wood species for the effects (toxic and antioxidant properties, chelate formation, hydrophobicity) of extractives located in heartwood. This study evaluated the biological…
Author(s): Evren Terzi, S. Nami Kartal, Claudia Marcela Ibáñez, Coþkun Köse, Rachel Arango, Carol A. Clausen, Frederick Green III
Keywords: Heartwood, Extractive, Decay, Mold, Termite, Insect, Liquidambar orientalis
Source: Biodeterioration & Biodegradation , 75 (2012). pp. 104-108.
Year: 2012