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Royal penstemon is chiefly used as a forb component for wildlife habitat enhancement projects and restoration efforts. Its showy flowers attract numerous pollinators and other insects which provide a food source for birds and other vertebrates. This species is also commonly used in xeriscaping and…
Author(s): Derek Tilley, Dan Ogle, Loren St. John, Nancy Shaw
Keywords: royal penstemon, Penstemon speciosus, sagebrush penstemon, showy penstemon, royal beardtongue
Source: Aberdeen, ID: U.S. Department of Agriculture, NRCS, Aberdeen Plant Materials Center. 3 p.
Year: 2009
Native shrublands and their associated grasses and forbs have been disappearing from the Great Basin as a result of grazing practices, exotic weed invasions, altered fire regimes, climate change and other human impacts. Native forb seed is needed to restore these areas. The irrigation requirements…
Author(s): Clinton C. Shock, Erik B. G. Feibert, Nancy L. Shaw, Myrtle P. Shock, Lamont D. Saunders
Keywords: Eriogonum umbellatum, fernleaf biscuitroot, gooseberryleaf globemallow, Lomatium dissectum, Penstemon speciosus, royal penstemon, sagebrush penstemon, sagebrush steppe, Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia, subsurface drip irrigation, sulphur-flower buckwheat
Source: Natural Areas Journal. 35(1): 74-82.
Year: 2015