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The mixed oak-pine ecosystems in the southern Appalachians are in decline because of a combination of drought and southern pine-beetle infestation. A commonly applied prescription for restoration of these degraded sites has been to fell all vegetation, allow it to dry, and conduct a site-…
Author(s): Jennifer D. Knoepp, James M. Vose, Wayne T. Swank
Keywords: Prescribed burn, nitrogen, nutrient availability, forest soil chemistry, mixed oak-pine
Source: Forest Science 50(4):540-550.
Year: 2004
Repeated fire is key to the viability of longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) ecosystems, but its acceptance as a management tool may depend on satisfactory longleaf pine growth. This is because longleaf pine establishment often has the dual-purpose of ecosystem restoration and stemwood…
Author(s): Mary Anne S. Sayer, Michael C. Tyree, Dylan N. Dillaway, Brian M. Rudd
Keywords: Grass stage, Scorch, Lateral branches, Longleaf pine, Prescribed burn, Stored starch
Source: New Forests
Year: 2018
In the dry forests of the western United States frequent fires historically maintained a diversity of habitats in multiple seral stages. Over the past century, fire suppression and preferential harvest of large trees has led to a densification and homogenization of forests, making them more prone…
Author(s): R. Sollmann, Angela White, Gina Tarbill, Patricia Manley, Eric E. Knapp
Keywords: Glaucomys sabrinus, Variable thinning, Even thinning, Prescribed burn, Distribution, Sierra Nevada
Source: Forest Ecology and Management. 373: 100-107
Year: 2016
A full factorial design crossing overstory (O) and understory (U) thinning and prescribed burning (B) was started at Teakettle Experimental Forest, California, in 2001 with the aim of achieving shifts in species composition to favor fire-resistant pines over fir. The goal of the present study was…
Author(s): Rakesh Minocha, Swathi A. Turlapati, Stephanie Long, Malcolm North
Keywords: Understory thinning, Overstory thinning, Jeffrey pine, Sugar pine, White fir, Prescribed burn
Source: Trees. 27: 1101-1113.
Year: 2013
Prescribed burns are an effective and increasingly popular strategy for inhibiting wildfires. The goal of this study was to characterize soil nutrient loss after a prescribed fire within a chaparral watershed in southern California. The study compared hillslope sediments for approximately 1 year…
Author(s): Jason P. de Koff, Robert C. Graham, Ken R. Hubbert, Peter M. Wohlgemuth
Keywords: Prescribed burn, hillslope sediment production, chaparral watershed, nutrient erosion, prescribed fire
Source: Soil Science
Year: 2006