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Although timber production has grown steadily over the last decade, information about the use of timbers and the corresponding resource remains in short supply. This study adds to the available literature on solid sawn timbers by compiling data on timber production and uses. The major categories of…
Author(s): Gerry Jackson, James Howard, A. L. Hammett
Keywords: Sawnwood, Timbers, Lumber, Forest products industries, Wood utilization, Productivity, Railways, Bridges
Source: Forest products journal. Vol. 51, nos. 7/8 (July/Aug. 2001).:p. 23-28.
Year: 2001
Nonlinear programming models of uneven-aged loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) management were developed to identify sustainable management regimes which optimize: 1) soil expectation value (SEV), 2) tree diversity, or 3) annual sawtimber yields. The models use the equations of SouthPro, a site- and…
Author(s): Benedict J. Schulte, Joseph Buongiorno, Kenneth Skog
Keywords: Pinus taeda, Forest management, Mathematical models, Growth yield relationship, Species diversity, Stand structure, Equations, Biomass production, Optimization methods, Sawnwood, Stumpage value, Nonlinear programming
Source: Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference : Shreveport, Louisiana, February 16-18, 1999. Asheville, N.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station, 1999. General technical report SRS ; 30.:p. 381-387 : ill.
Year: 1999
A practical method for tracking the effect of curtailment announcements on lumber supply is described and tested. Combining announcements of closures and curtailments with mill capacities enables the creation of accurate forward-looking assessments of lumber supply 1 to 2 months into the future.…
Author(s): Henry Spelter
Keywords: Lumber, Forest products industries, Sawnwood, Prediction, Market intelligence, Supply balance
Source: Forest products journal. Vol. 51, nos. 7/8 (July/Aug. 2001).:p. 44-46.
Year: 2001
A review of market history shows that southern pine sawtimber stumpage prices have increased by over 150 percent in this decade (Timber Mart South). Concurrently, some (i.e. Cubbage and Abt (1996) Nilsson et al (1999)) have questioned the adequacy of southern timber…
Author(s): Henry Spelter
Keywords: Pinus, Forest products industries, Softwoods, Sawnwood, Supply balance, Market prices, Stumpage value, Forest inventories, Growth rates, Southern states of USA
Source: 1999 World Wood Summit : Session Three : Issues in the Western Hemisphere : United States : where to cut? where to run?. [San Francisco, CA : Miller Freeman, Inc., 1999].:10 p. : ill.
Year: 1999