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Concerns about population growth and the availability of conventional non-renewable sources of energy have sparked lots of emphasis for studies about renewable energies. Biomass is an alternative source of energy that can be very successful in the United States where there is a surplus of growing…
Author(s): K.D. da Rocha, Tom Gallagher, Tim McDonald, Dana Mitchell
Keywords: Small-scale forestry, feller-buncher, harvesting equipment, biomass
Source: In: Proceedings of FORMEC 2019; Exceeding the Vision: Forest Mechanisation of the Future. October 6 – 9, 2019. Sopron, Hungary
Year: 2019
Sixty percent of family forest ownerships in the United States of America (USA) own between 0.4 and 4.0 ha (1–9 ac). Yet, little is known about this segment of family forest ownerships because they are often excluded from data collection or analyses. We utilized national data for the USA collected…
Author(s): Stephanie A. Snyder, Brett J. Butler, Marla Markowski-Lindsay
Keywords: Cross-boundary cooperation, Invasive forest plant treatment, National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS), Nonindustrial private forest owner (NIPF), Parcelization, Small-scale forestry
Source: Small-scale Forestry
Year: 2019