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Offered the opportunity to write about whatever topic moves me, I decided my millennial issue is to examine the place of leisure studies in higher education. Having recently left the academy after putting in 15 years at three different universities (most recently, the University of Illinois),…
Author(s): Daniel R. Williams
Keywords: leisure studies, higher education, accreditation, academic program development
Source: Journal of Leisure Research. 32(1): 180-185.
Year: 2000
Widespread Phytophthora infections have been discovered in nursery stock used in California restoration plantings. In response, Nursery Phytophthora Best Management Practices (NPBMPs) designed to exclude Phytophthora from nursery plants were developed to address the need…
Author(s): Tedmund J. Swiecki, Elizabeth A. Bernhardt, Susan J. Frankel, Diana Benner, Janell Hillman
Keywords: accreditation, best management practices, Phytophthora, restoration, nurseries, nursery stock
Source: Plant Health Progress. 22(3): 348-354
Year: 2021