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Presents a graphical procedure for evaluating the same sensitivity of lakes to acidification due to acid deposition. The procedure is based on empirical relationships between sulfur (and in some cases nitrogen) deposition rates and lake pH, acid-neutralizing capacity, base cation concentrations,…
Author(s): Dale S. Nichols
Keywords: acid-neutralizing capacity, base cations, conductivity, nitrate, sulfate
Source: Research Paper NC-289. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station
Year: 1990
Nitrogen (N) saturation is an environmental concern for forests in the eastern U.S. Although several watersheds of the Fernow Experimental Forest (FEF), West Virginia exhibit symptoms of N saturation, many watersheds display a high degree of spatial variability in soil N processing. This study…
Author(s): Frank S. Gilliam, Charles C. Somerville, Nikki L. Lyttle, Mary Beth Adams
Keywords: base cations, hardwood forests, nitrogen saturation, nitrogen mineralization, nitrification, microbial ecology, amoA gene amplification, Fernow Experimental Forest
Source: The Scientific World
Year: 2001
Industrial emissions of SO2 and NOx, resulting in the formation and deposition of sulfuric and nitric acids, affect the health of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Since the mid-late 20th century, legislation to control acid rain precursors in both Europe and the US has led to significant…
Author(s): K. Lajtha, J.A. Jones
Keywords: acid deposition,  ammonium, base cations, clean air act, EMEP,  LTER, NADP, Nitrate,  Sulfate
Source: Biogeochemistry
Year: 2013
Forest soil acidification and depletion of nutrient cations have been reported for several forested regions in North America, predominantly in the eastern United States, including the northeast and in the central Appalachians, but also in parts of southeastern Canada and the southern U.S.…
Author(s): Mark E. Fenn, T.G. Huntington, S.B. McLaughlin, C. Eager, A. Gomez, R.B. Cook
Keywords: Calcium depletion, acidic deposition, base cations, red spruce, sugar maple, liming, winter injury, forest health
Source: Journal of Forest Science 52:3-13
Year: 2006
The longevity of a single 22.4 Mg·ha-1 application of dolomitic limestone at four northern hardwood stands was evaluated over 30 years (1986–2016) to determine whether changes in soils, foliage, and tree growth were sustained on the unglaciated Allegheny Plateau in northern Pennsylvania, USA. In…
Author(s): Robert P. Long, Scott W. Bailey, Stephen B. Horsley, Thomas J. Hall
Keywords: forest liming, base cations, exchangeable calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), percent carbon (C) and nitrogen (N), basal area increment, sugar maple, American beech, black cherry
Source: Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Year: 2022