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Black stain root disease (BSRD) is a vascular wilt that causes mortality in several conifer species (Wagener & Mielke 1961, Harrington & Cobb 1987). It is caused by the fungus Leptographium wageneri, which can spread via root contact and is also vectored by insects (Witcosky & Hansen…
Author(s): Patrick I Bennett, Jared M. LeBoldus
Keywords: black stain root disease (BSRD), Leptographium wageneri, Douglas-fir
Source: In: Reynolds, G. J.; Wilhelmi, N. P.; Palacios, P., comps. Proceedings of the 66th Western International Forest Disease Work Conference, Estes Park, Colorado, 3-7 June 2019. p. 117-123.
Year: 2020