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Nitrogen and phosphorus flow in litterfall and throughfall were studied in two California Quercus species (the evergreen Q.agrifolia and deciduous Q. lobata) before, during, and after an outbreak of the California oak moth, Phryganidia californica. All of the foliage of both oak species was removed…
Author(s): David Y. Hollinger
Keywords: herbivory, nutrient cycling, Quercus, evergreen, deciduous
Source: Oecologia. 70: 291-297.
Year: 1986
Prior to the 1950s, common partial harvesting operations in the southern Appalachians USA involved the removal of logs by ground-skidding and the construction of steep access roads and skid trails along stream channels. Little is known about how these historical practices affected long-term…
Author(s): Katherine J. Elliott, Chelcy F. Miniat, Andrea S. Medenblik
Keywords: Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, tree diversity, forest composition, deciduous, logging, partial harvest, functional traits
Source: New Forests
Year: 2019
As interest in managing and maintaining mixedwood forests in the northern United States (US) grows, so does the importance of understanding their abundance and distribution. We analyzed Forest Inventory and Analysis data for insights into mixedwood forests spanning 24 northern US states from Maine…
Author(s): Lance A. Vickers, Benjamin O. Knapp, John M. Kabrick, Laura S. Kenefic, Anthony W. D’Amato, Christel C. Kern, David A. MacLean, Patricia Raymond, Kenneth L. Clark, Daniel C. Dey, Nicole S. Rogers
Keywords: hardwood, softwood, deciduous, coniferous, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA)
Source: Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Year: 2021