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We review current understanding of the potential impact of climate change on the Chesapeake Bay. Scenarios for CO2 emissions indicate that by the end of the 21st century the Bay region will experience significant changes in climate forcings with respect to historical conditions, including increases…
Author(s): Raymond G. Najjar, Christopher R. Pyke, Mary Beth Adams, Denise Breitburg, Carl Hershner, Michael Kemp, Robert Howarth, Margaret R. Mulholland, Michael Paolisso, David Secor, Kevin Sellner, Denice Wardrop, Robert Wood
Keywords: climate, estuaries, circulation, biogeochemistry, vascular plants, fisheries
Source: Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science. 86:1-20.
Year: 2010
This guide is an introduction to the ecological systems of Puerto Rico. It covers the diversity of ecological systems in the island, their most common plant and animal species, and salient aspects of their structure and functioning. Terrestrial, wetland, coastal, and marine ecosystems are included…
Author(s): G. Miller, A.E. Lugo
Keywords: Ecological systems, rain forests, dry forests, tropical forests, coral reefs, estuaries, mangroves, seagrasses, Puerto Rico
Source: IITF-GTR-35.
Year: 2009
Puerto Rico has gone through significant land cover change, going from an island that was forested to one that was agrarian and then finally becoming an urban island. Coastal wetlands experienced dramatic changes as alterations occurred in land cover and an eco-systematic analysis of these changes…
Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo
Keywords: coastal wetlands, conservation, mangroves, estuaries, tropical coastal systems
Source: ECOTROPICOS 19(2) :57-71
Year: 2006
Migratory freshwater shrimps represent important links between the headwaters and estuaries of many tropical rivers. These species exhibit amphidromous life cycles in which larvae are released by females in upper reaches of rivers; first stage (i.e., newly hatched) larvae drift passively to…
Author(s): Jonathan P. Benstead, James G. March, Catherine M. Pringle
Keywords: amphidromy, estuaries, freshwater shrimps, migration, Puerto Rico, tropical rivers
Source: BIOTROPICA 32(3): 545–548
Year: 2000