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Author(s): Bongghi Hong, Dennis P. Swaney, Peter B. Woodbury, David A. Weinstein, David A. Weinstein
Keywords: biogeochemistry, forested watershed, Hubbard Brook, modeling, nitrogen dynamics, streamflow nitrate flux
Source: Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. 160: 293-326.
Year: 2005
Despite decades of measurements, the nitrogen balance of temperate forest catchments remains poorly understood. Atmospheric nitrogen deposition often greatly exceeds streamwater nitrogen losses; the fate of the remaining nitrogen is highly uncertain. Gaseous losses of nitrogen to denitrification…
Author(s): Sarah K. Wexler, Christine L. Goodale, Kevin J. McGuire, Scott W. Bailey, Peter M. Groffman
Keywords: nitrogen cycle, denitrification, stable isotopes, forested watershed, streamwater chemistry
Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 111(46): 16413-16418.
Year: 2014
Benton Creek on the Priest River Experimental Forest, Idaho, is one of the few gauged streams flowing from a small, forested watershed in the northern Rocky Mountains, a region of summer drought and heavy winter snows. Over sixteen years of streamflow records from this watershed are summarized here…
Author(s): A. R. Stage
Keywords: Benton Creek, Priest River Experimental Forest, streamgauging, runoff, forested watershed
Source: Northwest Science. 31(1): 14-27.
Year: 1957
Assessments of future climate change impacts on ecosystems typically rely on multiple climate model projections, but often utilize only one downscaling approach trained on one set of observations. Here, we explore the extent to which modeled biogeochemical responses to changing climate are affected…
Author(s): Afshin Pourmokhtarian, Charles T. Driscoll, John L. Campbell, Katharine Hayhoe, Anne M. K. Stoner
Keywords: climate change, ecological modeling, forested watershed, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest(HBEF), New Hampshire, USA, hydrology, LTER, net primary productivity, statistical downscaling, stream nitrate, uncertainty analysis, variability
Source: Ecological Applications
Year: 2016