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This study presents a method for valuing recreational environmental quality in the forests of the southeastern United States. The paper offers a method for choosing, measuring, and valuing forest attributes. Surveys and popular recreation literature are used to identify forest attributes that…
Author(s): Linwood Pendleton, Brent Sohngen, Robert Mendelsohn, Thomas Holmes
Keywords: hedonic, recreation, valuation, nonmarket
Source: Forest Science 44(4) 1998 pp.603-609
Year: 1998
Few studies have estimated the effect of environmental amenities on the rental price of houses. We address this gap in the literature by quantifying the effect of urban trees on the rental price of single-family homes in Portland, Oregon, USA. We found that an additional tree on a house's lot…
Author(s): Geoffrey H. Donovan, David T. Butry
Keywords: hedonic, non-market valuation, ecosystem services, urban forestry
Source: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. 10: 163-168
Year: 2011
Hunting lease revenue can be a reliable supplemental income for forest landowners. Although studies have examined factors influencing per acre lease rates, little is known about how various characteristics are capitalized in hunting club dues. The objective of this study was to conduct a hedonic…
Author(s): James C. Mingie, Neelam C. Poudyal, J. M.  Bowker, Michael T.  Mengak, Jacek P.  Siry
Keywords: Big game hunting, hedonic, hunting clubs, hunting lease revenue, hunting leases
Source: Human Dimensions of Wildlife
Year: 2017
This study evaluated the hypothesis that urban-tree planting increases neighborhood gentrification in Portland, Oregon. We defined gentrification as an increase in the median sales price of single-family homes in a Census tract compared to other tracts in the city after accounting for differences…
Author(s): Geoffrey H. Donovan, Jeffrey P. Prestemon, David T. Butry, Abigail R. Kaminski, Vicente J. Monleon
Keywords: Policy, environmental justice, hedonic, house price, urban forestry, arboriculture
Source: Forest Policy and Economics. 124: 102387.
Year: 2021