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Abstract - Despite their promise for simulating natural complexity,individual-based models (IBMs) are rarely used for ecological research or resource management. Few IBMs have been shown to reproduce realistic patterns of behavior by individual organisms.To test our IBM of stream salmonids and draw…
Author(s): Steven F. Railsback, Bret C. Harvey
Keywords: PSW4351, foraging, habitat selection, individual-based model, model testing, modeling state-based, movement motivation, rules for habitat selection, trout, salmonidae, stream &#64257, sh
Source: Ecology 83(7): 1817-1830.
Year: 2002
An important research area regarding the wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is development of sound habitat models. Habitat models provide standardized methods to quantify wild turkey habitat and stimulate new research hypotheses. Habitat suitability index (HSI) models show species-habitat…
Author(s): Mark A. Rumble, Stanley H. Anderson
Keywords: Merriam's turkey, Meleagris gallopavo merriami, habitat suitability, models, model testing, Habitat suitability index (HSI)
Source: In: Dickson, James G., ed. Proceedings of the Seventh National Wild Turkey Symposium: 24-26 May, 1995, Rapid City, South Dakota. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books: 165-173
Year: 1996
The COWFISH model, developed and applied in selected Montana streams, was tested on 14 streams in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah, where it proved to have little value for predicting numbers of trout in watersheds grazed by livestock. The model holds promise for estimating the health of stream channels and…
Author(s): Craig R. Cantor, William S. Platts
Keywords: fish habitat, livestock grazing, habitat suitability index, model testing
Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-GTR-278. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station. 28 p.
Year: 1991
Prediction accuracy for projected basal area and trees per acre was assessed for the growth and yield model of the Forest Vegetation Simulator Southern Variant (FVS-Sn). Data for comparison with FVS-Sn predictions were compiled from a collection of n 1,780 permanent inventory plots from mixed-…
Author(s): Philip J. Radtke, Nathan D. Herring, David L. Loftis, Chad E. Keyser
Keywords: Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA), uncertainty assessment, model testing, validation, calibration
Source: Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 36(2):61-70
Year: 2012