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Four sigmoid growth models are fit to basal-area data derived from increment cores and disks taken at breast height from oak trees. Models are rated on their ability to fit growth data from five datasets that are obtained from 10 locations along a longitudinal gradient across the states of Delaware…
Author(s): J.J. Colbert, Michael Schuckers, Desta Fekedulegn, James Rentch, Mairtin MacSiurtain, Kurt Gottschalk
Keywords: goodness-of-fit, parameter estimation, non-linear model
Source: Ecological Modeling. 174: 115-126.
Year: 2004
We evaluated the stability of a complex regression model developed to predict the annual height growth of young Douglas-fir. This model is highly nonlinear and is fit in an iterative manner for annual growth coefficients from data with multiple periodic remeasurement intervals. The traditional…
Author(s): Nicholas R. Vaughn, Eric C. Turnblom, Martin W. Ritchie
Keywords: vegetation, density, non-linear model, sensitivity analysis
Source: Forest Science 56(6): 592-602
Year: 2010