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This paper summarizes data from 10 years of streamflow calibration and 4 years of recording effects of road construction and use.
Author(s): J.S. Krammes, David M. Burns
Keywords: bridge building, road construction, logging operations, environmental impact, streamflow, sedimentation, fish habitat, Caspar Creek, California
Source: Research Paper PSW-93. Berkeley, CA: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. 10 p.
Year: 1973
A 20-percent reduction in evapotranspiration as measured by a 20-cm increase in soil water content is expected to result in an insignificant increase in streamflow by clearcut lodging in the study area.
Author(s): G.O. Klock, W. Lopushinsky
Keywords: Soil water, evapotranspiration, streamflow, forestry methods, logging, hydrology, clearcutting systems, Oregon (Blue Mountains)
Source: Res. Note PNW-RN-361. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. 8 p
Year: 1980
The occurrence of permafrost in stream valleys of central Alaska causes problems with conventional stream-gauging installations. To minimize both thermal and physical disturbance at measurement sites, pre-fabricated Parshall flumes have been used to monitor streamflow at sites underlain with…
Author(s): Charles W. Slaughter
Keywords: Stream gaging, streamflow, permafrost, subarctic environment, Alaska (central)
Source: Res. Note PNW-RN-382. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
Year: 1981
The Caspar Creek Watershed Study was initiated in 1960 to study large differences between conditions of stream flow and sedimentation, fish life and fish habitat between paired watersheds, one of which will be carefully logged while the other is left undisturbed as a control. This study will not…
Author(s): Anonymous
Keywords: PSW4351, Caspar Creek, watershed, streamflow, sedimentation, fish life, fish habitat, Jackson State Forest
Source: Unpublished report, Jackson State Forest, Fort Bragg, California. 7 May 1970. 14 p.
Year: 1970
Readers of this Newsletter are aware that CDF and the USFS, through its Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Stationa at Arcata (PSW), are carrying out a long term cooperative watershed experiment in JDSF's Caspar Creek drainage.
Author(s): Peter Cafferata
Keywords: PSW4351, Caspar Creek, Jackson State Forest, water, watershed, streamflow
Source: Jackson Demonstration State Forest Newsletter, No. 27, October 1987. p. 1-4.
Year: 1987
A programmable calculator connected to an interface circuit can control automatic samplers and record streamflow data. The circuit converts a voltage representing water stage to a digital signal. The sampling program logs streamflow data when there is a predefined deviation from a linear trend in…
Author(s): Rand E. Eads, Mark R. Boolootian
Keywords: PSW4351, Caspar Creek, automatic pumping samplers, streamflow, suspended sediment, sampling, water quality, data logger, programmable calculator
Source: Research Note PSW-376. Berkeley, California: Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. 8 p.
Year: 1985
Researchers are not agreed on the effects of logging on lag time. Numerous studies have shown that the use of heavy equipment in logging operations can cause soil compaction. Also, associated roads alter natural drainage patterns by concentrating runoff and interrupting subsurface flow. As a…
Author(s): Karen D. Hardison
Keywords: PSW4351, Caspar Creek, watershed, timber harvesting, lag time, streamflow
Source: Jackson Demonstration State Forest Newsletter, No. 8, September 1982; p 1-3.
Year: 1982
Abstract - We measured scour of the redds of chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha on dredge tailings and natural substrates in three tributaries of the Klamath River, California. We measured maximum scour with scour chains and net scour by surveying before and after high winter flows. Scour of…
Author(s): Bret C. Harvey, Thomas E. Lisle
Keywords: PSW4351, chinook salmon, suction dredging, scour, dredging effects on fishes, streamflow, rainfall, spawning
Source: North American Journal of Fisheries Management 19(2): 613-617.
Year: 1999
The job of watershed management research is to conduct studies which will suggest better methods of management for water and predict the effects of a wide span of land management practices upon streamflow, water yield, and sedimentation. A program for watershed management research was prepared by…
Author(s): Walt Hopkins, Kenneth L. Boden
Keywords: PSW4351, Caspar Creek, watershed management, streamflow, water yield, sedimentation
Source: Berkeley, California: Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; 10 p.
Year: 1962
Abstract - Using a low flow season defined as a function of antecedent precipitation, streamflow data for a 21 year period was analyzed to determine the effects of selective tractor harvesting of second-growth Douglas-fir and redwood forest on the volume, timing, and duration of low flows and…
Author(s): Elizabeth T. Keppeler
Keywords: PSW4351, Caspar Creek, selective logging, water yied, coastal stream, streamflow, watersheds
Source: M.S. Thesis, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California. 137 p.
Year: 1986