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Several plant communities in central Panama, each community located near a weather station, contain trees with annual growth rings, i.e. Cordia alliodora, Pseudobombax septenatum, and Annona spraguei. Tree-ring data are particularly valuable when concomitant weather information is readily available…
Author(s): Margaret S. Devall, Bernard R. Parresol, S. Joseph Wright
Keywords: Tropical dendrochronol ogy, tropical forest, precipitation, minimum temperature, maximum temperature
Source: IAWA Journal, Vol. 16 (4), 1995: 41l-424
Year: 1995
Sedimentation of Rio La Venta as it enters the Netzahualcoyotl Reservoir in Chiapas, Mexico, threatens a unique part of the aquatic ecosystem. Rio La Venta enters the reservoir via a narrow canyon about 16 km long with spectacular, near-vertical limestone bluffs up to 320 m high and inhabited by…
Author(s): Juan Antonio de la Fuente, Tom Lisle, Jose Velasquez, Bonnie L. Allison, Alisha Miller
Keywords: PSW4351, sediment, sedimentation, Chiapas, Mexico, tropical forest
Source: Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 83(47): F430.
Year: 2000
Root hydraulic conductance (Kr) was measured for five understory shrub species of the neotropical moist forest to determine the effects of arbuscular mycorrhizas (AM) for both carbon-rich and carbon-limited host plants.
Author(s): Damond A. Kyllo, Virginia Velez, Melvin T. Tyree
Keywords: arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM), high pressure flow meter (HPFM), hydraulic conductance, Piper, Psychotria, tropical forest
Source: New Phytologist 160:443-454
Year: 2003
Tropical forests, which circle the globe, are surprisingly diverse, ranging from rain forests to savannas. Tropical forests are disappearing at an alarming rate as they are converted to farmland and other uses. Modern forest management practices can help stem the tide by providing income and…
Author(s): J. Louise Mastrantonio, John K. Francis
Keywords: Deforestation, forest management, Luquillo Experimental Forest, tropical forest
Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. SO-123. New Orleans, LA: U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station. 20 p.
Year: 1997
The Tapajós National Forest (FLONA Tapajós) has 600,000 hectares of protected forest, and is situated 50 km south of the city of Santarém, Pará, Brazil, a port city of 250,000 inhabitants that is located at the confluence of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers. There is a lot of farmland in the region,…
Author(s): R.C. Oliveira Junior, M. Keller, J. F. da F. Ramos, T.P. Beldini, P.M Crill, P.B. de Camargo, J. van Haren
Keywords: Amazon region, nutrient cycling, tropical forest
Source: Ambiente & Agua. 10:263-285.
Year: 2015
Fire characteristics in tropical ecosystems are poorly documented quantitatively in the literature. This paper describes an understorey fire propagating across the edges of a biomass burn of a cleared primary forest. The experiment was carried out in 2001 in the Amazon forest near Alta Floresta,…
Author(s): J.A. Carvalho, C.A. Gurgel Veras, E.C. Alvarado, D.V. Sandberg, S.J. Leite, R. Gielow, E.R.C. Rabelo, J.C. Santos
Keywords: biomass combustion, escaped fires, tropical forest
Source: International Journal of Wildland Fire. 19:795-799
Year: 2010
[1] Soil moisture is a key driver of biogeochemical processes in terrestrial ecosystems, strongly affecting carbon (C) and nutrient availability as well as trace gas production and consumption in soils. Models predict increasing drought frequency in tropical forest ecosystems, which could feed back…
Author(s): Tana Wood, W. L. Silver
Keywords: soils, trace gas fluxes, tropical forest, drought, Puerto Rico, nutrient availability, carbon
Source: Global Biogeochemical Cycles 26:GB3005. doi:10.1029/2010GB004014
Year: 2012
Background: The dynamics of gaps plays a role in the regimes of tree mortality, production of coarse woody debris (CWD) and the variability of light in the forest understory. Aims: To quantify the area affected by, and the carbon fluxes associated with, natural gap-phase disturbances in a tropical…
Author(s): F. D. B. Espirito-Santo, M. M. Keller, E. Linder, R. C. Oliveira Junior, C. Pereira, C. G. Oliveira
Keywords: Amazon, canopy opening, coarse wood debris gaps, leaf area index natural disturbances, remote sensing, tropical forest, IKONOS
Source: Plant Ecology and Diversity.
Year: 2013
NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamic Investigation (GEDI) mission has been designed to measure forest structure using lidar waveforms to sample the earth’s vegetation while in orbit aboard the International Space Station. In this paper, we used airborne large-footprint (LF) lidar measurements to…
Author(s): Carlos Alberto Silva, Sassan Saatchi, Mariano Garcia, Nicolas Labriere, Carine Klauberg, Antonio Ferraz, Victoria Meyer, Kathryn J. Jeffery, Katharine Abernethy, Lee White, Kaiguang Zhao, Simon L. Lewis, Andrew T. Hudak
Keywords: AfriSAR, and ice sensor (LVIS), Gabon, Global Ecosystem Dynamic Investigation (GEDI), land, lidar, tropical forest, vegetation
Source: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 11(10): 3512-3526.
Year: 2018
This article is a Commentary on Both et al., 221: 1853–1865.
Author(s): Marcos Longo, Michael Keller
Keywords: ecosystem function, forest degradation, forest structure and composition, logging, old‐growth forests, plant traits, terrestrial biosphere models, tropical forest
Source: New Phytologist
Year: 2019