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A new satellite-derived vegetation greenness map, departure from average, is designed to compare current-year vegetation greenness with average greenness for the same time of year. Live-fuel condition as portrayed on this map, and the calculated 1,000-hour fuel moistures, are compared to fire…
Author(s): Robert E. Burgan, Roberta A. Hartford, Jeffery C. Eidenshink
Keywords: satellites, fuels, vegetation condition, moisture, fire
Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-GTR-333. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station. 8 p.
Year: 1996
Forested ecosystems are threatened by invasive pests, pathogens, and unusual climatic events brought about by climate change. Earlier detection of incipient forest health problems and a quantitatively rigorous assessment method is increasingly important. Here, we describe a method that is adaptable…
Author(s): Jennifer Pontius, Richard Hallett
Keywords: data reduction, data standardization, data summary, forest monitoring, forest pest detection, forest stress, tree health, vegetation condition
Source: Forest Science. 60(6): 1156-1163.
Year: 2014