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In mixed-ownership landscapes, fuels conditions on private lands have implications for fire risk on public lands and vice versa. The success of efforts to mitigate fire risk depends on the extent, efficacy, and coordination of treatments on nearby ownerships. Understanding factors in forest owners…
Author(s): A. Paige Fischer
Keywords: wildfire risk mitigation, nonindustrial private forest owners, risk perception, fire policy
Source: Journal of Forestry. 109(5): 260-266
Year: 2011
We describe recent advances in biophysical and social aspects of risk and their potential combined contribution to improve mitigation planning on fire-prone landscapes. The methods and tools provide an improved method for defining the spatial extent of wildfire risk to communities compared to…
Author(s): Alan A. Ager, Jeffrey D. Kline, A. Paige Fisher
Keywords: Community wildfire protection, socioecological planning, wildfire risk mitigation
Source: Risk Analysis 35(8): 1393-1406.
Year: 2015
The goal of this work is to evaluate by a modeling approach the effectiveness of alternative fuel treatment strategies to reduce potential losses from wildfires in Mediterranean areas. We compared strategic fuel treatments located near specific human values vs random locations, and treated 3, 9 and…
Author(s): Michele Salis, Maurizio Laconi, Alan A. Ager, Fermin J. Alcasena, Bachisio Arca, Olga Lozano, Ana Fernandes de Oliveira, Donatella Spano
Keywords: fuel treatment strategies, burn probability, MTT algorithm, Mediterranean basin, wildfire exposure, wildfire risk mitigation
Source: Forest Ecology and Management. 368: 207-221.
Year: 2016
This research note summarizes two linked datasets for four WUI communities in Delta County, Colorado. These data include a general population survey of residents in the community and an assessment of the physical characteristics of all residential properties in the community. This report summarizes…
Author(s): James R. Meldrum, Christopher Barth, Lilia Colter Falk, Hannah Brenkert-Smith, Travis Warziniack, Patricia A. Champ
Keywords: wildfire risk, wildland-urban interface, WUI, wildfire risk mitigation, Colorado
Source: Res. Note. RMRS-RN-67. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 33 p.
Year: 2015