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A telephone survey of Louisiana households and commercial vendors of domestic fuelwood was conducted in 1984 to assess domestic fuelwood use and sources of production.Twenty-two percent of the households surveyed used fuelwood during the 1983-84 heating season.Domestic fuelwood production amounted…
Author(s): Victor A. Rudis
Keywords: Consumption, producers, woody biomass, firewood
Source: Proceedings 3rd Southern Biomass Energy Research Conference; 1985 March 12-14;Gainesville, FL:New York:Plenum Press: 43-55.
Year: 1986
Author(s): Ken C.J. Van Rees
Keywords: woody biomass, farmer perceptions, sustainability
Source: In: Zalesny, Ronald S., Jr.; Mitchell, Rob; Richardson, Jim, eds. Biofuels, bioenergy, and bioproducts from sustainable agricultural and forest crops: proceedings of the short rotation crops international conference; 2008 August 19-20; Bloomington, MN. Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-P-31. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station: 62.
Year: 2008
Abundant stocks of woody biomass that are associated with active forest management can be used as fuel for bioenergy in many applications. Though factors driving large-scale biomass use in industrial settings have been studied extensively, small-scale biomass combustion systems commonly used by…
Author(s): Jesse D. Young, Nathaniel M. Anderson, Helen T. Naughton, Katrina Mullan
Keywords: institutions, woody biomass, heating, ZINB, policy
Source: Energy Economics. 69: 456-470.
Year: 2018
As a result of widespread mortality from beetle infestation in the forests of the western United States, there are substantial stocks of biomass suitable as a feedstock for energy production. This study explored the financial viability of four production pathway scenarios for the conversion of…
Author(s): Robert M. Campbell, Nathaniel M. Anderson, Daren E. Daugaard, Helen T. Naughton
Keywords: technoeconomic analysis, beetle kill, woody biomass, bioenergy, biofuels
Source: Energies. 11(2): 293.
Year: 2018
There are thousands of abandoned mine land (AML) sites in the U.S. that need to be restored to reduce wind and water erosion, provide wildlife forage, shade streams, and improve productivity. Biochar created from woody biomass that would normally be burned in slash piles can be applied to soil to…
Author(s): Carlos Rodriguez‑Franco, Deborah S. Page‑Dumroese
Keywords: biochar, abandoned mine lands, restoration, woody biomass, heavy metals
Source: Biochar.
Year: 2021
Primary wood products manufacturers generate significant amounts of woody biomass residues that can be used as feedstocks for distributed-scale thermochemical conversion systems that produce valuable bioenergy and bioproducts. However, private investment in these technologies is driven primarily by…
Author(s): Dongyeob Kim, Nathaniel McLean Anderson, Woodam Chung
Keywords: mobile pyrolysis system, biochar, sawmill residues, wood products, woody biomass, bioenergy, bioproducts
Source: Forest Products Journal. 65(5/6): 189-197.
Year: 2015
Woody biomass could be used to generate renewable bioenergy and bioproducts in the western U.S. and has the potential to offer environmental and societal benefits. The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Research Station-led Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) project is to research and…
Author(s): Sue Miller, Maureen Essen, Nathaniel Anderson, Deborah Page-Dumroese, Dan McCollum, Rick Bergman, Tom Elder
Keywords: woody biomass, sustainable forest, Biomass Research and Development Initiative, BRDI
Source: Science You Can Use Bulletin, Issue 17. Fort Collins, CO: Rocky Mountain Research Station. 10 p.
Year: 2015
The Waste to Wisdom project was part of the Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) and funded by the Department of Energy (DE-EE0006297) at an amount of $5.8 million. Our interdisciplinary research team, consisting of academics, business professionals, and land managers, worked together…
Author(s): Han-Sup Han, Arne Jacobson, E.M. (Ted) Bilek, John Sessions
Keywords: Air quality, biomass conversion technology, forest harvesting, woody biomass
Source: Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 34(1): 5-10.
Year: 2018
Heat produced from woody biomass accounts for a significant portion of renewable energy in the United States. Economic and federal policy factors driving institutional adoption of woody biomass heating systems have been identified and examined in previous studies, as have the effects of state…
Author(s): Jesse D. Young, Nathaniel M. Anderson, Helen T. Naughton
Keywords: bioenergy, woody biomass, heating, ZINB, policy, nonattainment, point source, local attitudes
Source: Energies. 11(11): 2873.
Year: 2018
This study investigated the recycle utilization of SPORL pretreatment spent liquor. Three ligno sulfonates (LSs)were purified from the spent liquor of SPORL pretreated Beetle-killed lodgepole pine (BKLP), Poplar NE222 (NE222),and Douglas-fir(FS10). The structural characterization showed that the…
Author(s): Haifeng Zhou, Roland Gleisner, J.Y. Zhu, Yuanyu Tian, Yingyun Qiao
Keywords: Non-productive cellulase binding, lingo sulfonate, SPORL, enzymatic saccharification, woody biomass, biofuel, fermerntation
Source: Energy & Fuels. 32(7): 7636-7642.
Year: 2018