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Bears Ears National Monument

A picture of a clay-built dwelling at the Bears Ears national monument location.

The Bureau of Land Management is providing interim guidance regarding management of the Bears Ears National Monument. This interim monument management direction will provide direction on the stewardship of these lands during the public planning effort, pending approval of a monument management plan and associated environmental impact statement, in compliance with the Presidential Proclamation. Based on the proclamation, the Bureau of Land Management posted the interim guidance memorandum can be viewed on the BLM website.

The Bears Ears National Monument is the 12th national monument managed by the Forest Service, and the fifth managed jointly with the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management. Monuments generally preserve current uses of the land, including tribal access for traditional plant and firewood gathering and for ceremonial purposes. Current uses also include recreation, grazing, hunting and fishing and water and utility infrastructure.

The Manti-La Sal National Forest also will post information about future management decisions as we continue to work with the Bureau of Land Management, other governments – including tribes – and others interested in the future of the monument.

A distant, landscape view of the Bears Ears National Monument.