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Your national forests and grasslands are 193 million acres of vast, scenic beauty waiting for you to discover. Visitors who choose to recreate on these public lands find more than 150,000 miles of trails, 10,000 developed recreation sites, 57,000 miles of streams, 122 alpine ski areas, 338,000 heritage sites, and specially designated sites that include 9,100 miles of byways, 22 recreation areas, 11 scenic areas, 439 wilderness areas, 122 wild and scenic rivers, nine monuments, and one preserve. And remember, “It’s All Yours.”

Rec Area Description Status
Rec area marker Hannegan Pass Road 32

<p>Hannegan Pass Road is a good multi-use snow-play area when snow levels are low enough. The road is often groomed for cross-country skiers and is popular for snowshoers. It doesn&rsquo;t gain too much elevation and is appropriate for children.</p><p>From the Shuksan Picnic Area head up the Hannegan Pass Road and enjoy views of the North Fork Nooksack River, Mt. Shuksan and adjacent forested hillsides. Travel for 1.4 miles before reaching a junction with Forest Service road 34. Head east along this tree-lined route for a mile beyond the junction to its terminus at Ruth Creek (Nooksack Cirque Trailhead).<br />&nbsp;</p>

Rec area marker White Salmon Road 3075

<p>Enjoy great views of Mt. Shuksan, the Nooksack River and peaks to the north. This road follows a two-mile route with pretty open terrain. No parking pass is required but parking is very limited at the base of the road and not allowed along the state highway.</p>

Rec area marker Shadow of the Sentinels Interpretive Site

<p><strong>Provides access to:</strong> Shadow of the SentinelsTrail 623, an accessible interpretive trail winding through dense forest growth.</p><p>Huge Douglas fir and cedar trees tower above a forest floor of ferns, moss and berry bushes. Signs along the route explain the dynamics of this 500-year-old forest.</p><p>The trail is built of asphalt and boardwalks with grades no greater than 8 percent.</p><p><a href="">WTA Trip Reports</a></p>

Rec area marker Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

<p><a href="">Crystal Mountain Ski Resort </a></p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="322" src="; width="500"></iframe></p>

Rec area marker Mt. Baker Ski Area

<p><a href="">Mt. Baker Ski Area</a></p>

Rec area marker Stevens Pass Ski Resort

<p><a href="">Stevens Pass Ski Resort</a></p><ul><li>Stevens Pass lodge additions project <a href="">scop… letter</a></li></ul><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="322" src="; width="500"></iframe></p><p>For information about accessible recreation opportunities in Pacific Northwest National Forests, visit</p&gt;

Rec area marker The Summit at Snoqualmie

<p><a href="">The Summit at Snoqualmie</a></p>

Rec area marker Barclay Lake Winter Sports Area

<p>This route is suitable for intermediate skiers and snowshoers. Wind around the western edge of Baring Mountain Route following Forest Service road 6024 amidst clear cuts and second-growth forest. Begin partially under power lines, and then switch back towards the east, north, and then another sharp switchback while gaining elevation continuously and sometimes steeply. As you approach the end of the road at <a href="">Bar… Creek Trailhead</a>, enjoy a stunning view of rugged Gunn Peak and Merchant Peaks to the northeast and Baring Mountain to the south.</p><p>Distance to the end of the road is 4.3 miles and gains 1,430 feet in elevation. At the end of the road, continue into denser forest on trail 1055 towards Barclay Lake. Distance on the trail is an additional 2.2 miles on a gradual elevation grade.</p>

Rec area marker Big Four Area Ski Route

<p>A popular area for all manner of winter recreation including snowmobiles, hikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoes. Enjoy glimpses of the South Fork Stilliguamish River as well as views of Hall Peak, Big Four Mountain and Mount Dickerman. Big Four Picnic area is a great lunch stop with picnic tables to safely watch and hear avalanches crashing down the face of Big Four Mountain. Elevation gain is 1,575 &ndash; 1,800 feet. Allow three to five hours total for the 4.2 mile round-trip. No federal recreation pass required. No parking in the snow plow turn-around. Parking on north side of the Mountain Loop Highway.</p>

Rec area marker Foss/Tonga Winter Sports Area

<p>The Forest Service road 68 offers something for everyone regardless of skill level. The road gently winds through beautiful old growth forest along the Foss river valley with picturesque views of the river and surrounding hillsides. You can stay on the main route or choose one of the various routes that spur off from the main road.</p><p>The start of this route provides a great low elevation ski or snowshoe hike along the scenic Foss River to the Necklace Valley Trailhead or down Forest Service road 6835 to the West Fork Foss trailhead. For more challenging terrain with more scenic views continue up Forest Service road 68 to Mount Sobieski or Tonga Ridge Forest Service road 6830. Snowmobiles not allowed past gate.&nbsp;</p><p>Dense forest limits views before climbing beyond the Forest Service road 6835 junction. As you climb, catch emerging sights of Malachite Peak, Mt. Daniel and Mt. Hinman.</p><p><strong>Routes</strong><br />Forest Service road 68 to <a href="">Nec… Valley Trail 1062</a> to East Fork Foss River: 1.6 miles to the trailhead, five miles to East Fork Foss River with an elevation of 2,100 feet.</p><p>Forest Service road 6835 to <a href="">West Fork Foss Lakes Trail 1064</a>: 2.2 miles to the Forest Service road 68/6835 junction and another two miles to the trailhead at elevation 1,600-feet.</p><p>Forest Service road 68 to summit of Mt. Sobieski 10.5 miles with an elevation of 4,300 feet.</p><p>Forest Service road 6830 to <a href="">Ton… Ridge Trail 1058</a>, one mile to the Forest Service road 68/6830 junction, seven miles to trailhead with an elevation of 4,300 feet.</p><p>Forest Service road 6846 (Maloney Road) to <a href="">Eva… Lake Trail 1069</a>: 6.2 miles to Forest Service road 68/6846 junction and another two miles to the trailhead with an elevation of 3,600 feet.</p>