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Your national forests and grasslands are 193 million acres of vast, scenic beauty waiting for you to discover. Visitors who choose to recreate on these public lands find more than 150,000 miles of trails, 10,000 developed recreation sites, 57,000 miles of streams, 122 alpine ski areas, 338,000 heritage sites, and specially designated sites that include 9,100 miles of byways, 22 recreation areas, 11 scenic areas, 439 wilderness areas, 122 wild and scenic rivers, nine monuments, and one preserve. And remember, “It’s All Yours.”

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Trailhead: Pine-Way

Provides access to: Pineway Trail #71. Parking for 2 vehicles.

Trailhead: Salt Creek

Provides access to: Salt Creek Trail #75 which enters Mt. Adams Wilderness from the southwest. Parking for 4 vehicles.

Trailhead: Sand Lake

Provides access to: Sand Lake Trail #60 which enters William O. Douglas Wilderness from the south. Sand Lake Trail climbs to meet the Pacific Crest Trail #2000 at Sand Lake.

Trailhead: Sawtooth

Provides access to: Pacific Crest Trail #2000 and Indian Heaven Wilderness. Sawtooth Trail #107 begins from the Pacific Crest Trail #2000, within Indian Heaven Wilderness…

Trailhead: Service

Provides access to: Service Trail #35 and Middle Trail #26. Gravel parking area with space for 4 vehicles. A loading ramp is available at this site.

Trailhead: Silver Star

Provides access to: Silver Star Trail #180 & Silver Star Summit #180D which accesses other trails in the Silver Star area including: Ed's Trail #180A, Chinook Trail #…

Trailhead: Sleeping Beauty

Provides access to: Sleeping Beauty Peak Trail #37 Parking for 3 vehicles.  Limited turn-around space.

Trailhead: Snipes Mountain

Provides access to: Snipes Mountain Trail #11. Parking for 4 vehicles.  

Trailhead: Snowgrass for hikers

Provides access to: Goat Ridge Trail #95 and Snowgrass Trail #96 which lead into Goat Rocks Wilderness. Please note, despite some non-USDA maps, there are…

Trailhead: Soda Peaks

Provides access to: Soda Peak Lakes Trail #133 and Trapper Creek Wilderness. Parking for approximately 4 vehicles.

Trailhead: South Climb

Provides access to: South Climb #183 which enters Mt Adams Wilderness and is a major route to Mt Adams Summit. This trailhead also accesses…

Trailhead: Speed

Provides access to: Speed Trail #31E a primitive steep trail to the Lewis River. Located on Forest Road 90. Minimal parking available.

Trailhead: Spencer Butte

Provides access to: Spencer Butte Trail #30 & Breezy Point Trail #30A Located on Forest Road 93. Minimal parking available.

Trailhead: Stagman Ridge

Provides access to: Stagman Ridge Trail #12 which enters Mt. Adams Wilderness. Gravel parking area with space for 10 vehicles. Road can be narrow.

Trailhead: Tatoosh North

Provides north access to: Trail #161 Tatoosh which enters Tatoosh Wilderness.  Parking space is limited at the trailhead. 

Trailhead: Tatoosh South

Provides access to: Trail #161 Tatoosh within the Tatoosh Wilderness. Hikers only. Parking space is limited at the trailhead. Forest Road 5290 is gated and closed 3.1 miles below the trailhead from December 1st- April 1st for big game winter range…

Trailhead: Thomas Lake

Provides access to: Thomas Lake Trail #111 which enters Indian Heaven Wilderness from the west. Gravel parking area for 10 vehicles.

Sno-Park: Cougar

Access point for the Kalama Ski Trail, and Forest Road 81 snowmobile route. The trail system offers 25 miles of snowmobile trails and 18 kilometers ungroomed ski trails. All trails are multi-use and shared with non-motorized recreationists. Parking for approximately 15 vehicles. View a map of the Kalama Ski Trail and surrounding trails at…

Loowit Viewpoint

Loowit Viewpoint is located one mile before reaching Johnston Ridge Visitor Center on State Route 504. This is a great stopping point to view the Mount St Helens Crater and surrounding geography. This site provides ample parking but no facilities or water. Boundary Trail #…

Harmony Falls Viewpoint

Enjoy a view of Spirit Lake with its still-floating raft of logs deposited during the 1980 eruption. An interpretive display shares the magic of the forest and lake, pre-eruption. Depart on the steep, one-mile Harmony Trail #224 that leads to the lakeshore. Harmony Falls is not visible. The site was submerged by the May 18, 1980…

Mount Margaret Backcountry

Explore rugged trails which lead to clear lakes, steep ridges and flowered, mountain slopes. View downed and standing dead trees killed during the 1980 eruption by a sizzling, lateral blast that pummeled the pristine forest, and see the plants and wildlife that have returned. The backcounty offers spectacular views of the crater, blast zone, and log-strewn Spirit Lake, as well as Mount Rainier and Mount Adams.…

Site: Coldwater Lake Picnic and Boating Area

Coldwater Lake Recreation Area is located 45 miles east of Castle Rock in the heart of the blast zone near the Science and Learning Center at Coldwater and Johnston Ridge Observatory. Experience the effect the May 18, 1980 eruption had on the Coldwater Valley…