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Your national forests and grasslands are 193 million acres of vast, scenic beauty waiting for you to discover. Visitors who choose to recreate on these public lands find more than 150,000 miles of trails, 10,000 developed recreation sites, 57,000 miles of streams, 122 alpine ski areas, 338,000 heritage sites, and specially designated sites that include 9,100 miles of byways, 22 recreation areas, 11 scenic areas, 439 wilderness areas, 122 wild and scenic rivers, nine monuments, and one preserve. And remember, “It’s All Yours.”

Recreation Marker Campground: Walupt Lake

A popular high elevation campground on the shores of Walupt Lake and surrounded by the Goat Rocks Wilderness. The campground provides outstanding views of the the southern Goat Rocks Wilderness. The campground offers various sizes of camping units as well as 7 walk-in sites. The Lake has a primitive boat ramp and day use area great for…
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Recreation Marker Forest Road 99

This 16-mile, winding road leads you from forests into the heart of the blast zone. Ten interpretive sites provide views of the volcano and interpretive information. The final site, Windy Ridge Viewpoint, offers a sweeping vista of the crater, Spirit Lake and landscape blasted by the 1980 eruption. This drive is extremely popular, so expect visitors. The road is difficult to maintain, so repairs and gravel stretches…
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Recreation Marker Forest Road 24

Forest Road 24 starts at the end of Hwy 141 west of Trout Lake at the Forest Service Boundary and ends at the junction with the 8851 Road north of Big Mosquito Lake.   Areas of interest along this road are Atkinson Sno-Park and Group Camp, The Ice Cave entrance and Picnic area, Peterson Prairie Campground and Cabin, Little Goose Lake, Meadow Creek Campground, Berry Fields, and Big Mosquito Lake.…
  • not cleared

Recreation Marker Ape Cave Interpretive Site

Explore a chilly, pitch-black lava tube over two miles long. A short, paved, accessible trail beneath towering trees leads to a stairwell into the cave. The ¾ mile, one-way lower cave route is relatively easy and family friendly. For the more adventurous, the 1.5 mile upper cave route leads to a climb up an eight foot rock wall and scramble over rock piles, then an exit and a 1.5 mile above ground hike…
  • temporarily closed

Recreation Marker Trailhead: Speed

Provides access to: Speed Trail #31E a primitive steep trail to the Lewis River. Located on Forest Road 90. Minimal parking available.
  • none

Recreation Marker Forest Road 21

FR 21 leaves Hwy 12 approximately 3 miles west of Packwood and travels south approximately 25 miles until it intersects with FR 23. The road is gravel except for approximately 6 miles beginning at Cat Creek Campground and continuing to the FR 23 jct.  The gravel section is often full of washboards. The road provides access to the Snowgrass Flats and Berry Patch Trailheads, Walupt Lake Campground, and Adams…
  • open

Recreation Marker Horse Camp: Mt. Adams

This pleasant well developed horse camp is located in a wooded site on the base of Mount Adams. There is a loading ramp and water for stock only. Water is not for human consumption. Each site has a highline.  An open field next to the campground provides space for over flow camping and a beautiful view of the mountain.  A twenty mile trail system that can lead to…
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Recreation Marker Trailhead: Angry Mountain

Provides access to: Angry Mountain #90 that accesses Goat Rocks Wilderness. Limited trailhead space.
  • unknown

Recreation Marker Trailhead: Spencer Butte

Provides access to: Spencer Butte Trail #30 & Breezy Point Trail #30A Located on Forest Road 93. Minimal parking available.
  • none

Recreation Marker Forest Road 41

Road to Bluff Mountain Trail #172 and Starway Trail #175.  Access Forest Road 4109 to Silver Star Trailhead.
  • not cleared

Recreation Marker Campground: North Fork

This campground is located near the Cispus River and right on the banks of the North Fork of the Cispus River. The campground includes three group sites and the main campground. Two trails are accessible directly from the campground. River Trail # 131 is a relatively flat .6 mile trail that goes behind the group sites. The…
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Recreation Marker Trailhead: Hummocks/ Boundary

Trailhead provides access to Hummocks Trail #229, and western start of Boundary Trail #1.  Ample parking.
  • open

Recreation Marker Forest Road 84

FR 84 travels south from FR 52 to FR 47.  It is a gravel road.  Watch for potholes. The road provides access to Cora Lake, Pothole Lakes, Silver Creek Pass, and Fr 8440 to Highrock Lookout TH. The road has great views of Mt. Rainier.  It also leads to areas of Huckleberry picking.
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Recreation Marker Trailhead: Bluff Lake

Provides access to: Trail #65 Bluff Lake within Goat Rocks Wilderness.
  • unknown

Recreation Marker Sno-Park: Johnson Creek

In a mature and varied forest setting interspersed with mountain meadows and geographic features near Goat Rocks Wilderness where Wilderness Regulations apply.  Here visitors will find access to trails leading to remote forest…
  • closed

Recreation Marker Trailhead: Monte Carlo-Lower

Provides access toMonte Carlo Trail #52 across from Oklahoma Campground. Parking for 2 vehicles.
  • unknown

Recreation Marker Forest Road 66

Starts at the Town of Willard and heads north ending at the intersection with Forest Road 60.  This road follows the Big Lava Bed and access to Little Huckleberry Trailhead is along this road.  Access to South Prairie is also along this road.
  • not cleared

Recreation Marker Kalama Horse Camp Campground

Sixteen campsites for equestrians with trailers only, ten standard non-equestrian sites, one host site. No garbage service at this facility--please pack in, pack out your garbage. No potable water at this site. Water for horses only. The campground loop trail allows easy access to the main trailhead. A trailhead parking area, found at the east end of the campground provides parking for day use.…
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Recreation Marker Observation Site: McClellan

On a clear day, this site offers stunning views of the south side of Mount St. Helens and the surrounding area. The parking area and viewing platforms are paved and flat. In the video it's at about 3:10. Accessible Adventures Video
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Recreation Marker Campground: Killen Creek

This campground is located near the Mt. Adams Wilderness. It is located in a high elevation stand of Lodgepole Pine and Silver Fir. It is a good place to camp prior to heading into the northern trails of the Wilderness.
  • closed

Recreation Marker Trailhead: Stagman Ridge

Provides access to: Stagman Ridge Trail #12 which enters Mt. Adams Wilderness. Gravel parking area with space for 10 vehicles. Road can be narrow.
  • unreachable

Recreation Marker Wilderness: Tatoosh

The 15,720 acre Tatoosh Wilderness shares a portion of Mount Rainier National Park's southern boundary. The long rugged Tatoosh Ridge runs north-south out of the park to cross the Wilderness near the middle. The top of Tatoosh Ridge (6,310 feet) provides views in all directions and is the former site of a fire lookout built in 1932. About 25 feet of…
  • none

Recreation Marker Miners Car Interpretive Site

View the sobering remains of a Pontiac Grand Prix pummeled and thrown by the 1980 lateral blast. The owners parked it and walked about a mile to a cabin near Black Rock Mine, and did not survive the blast. For information about accessible recreation opportunities in Pacific Northwest National Forests, visit…

Recreation Marker Sno-Park: Flattop

The Snow Park provides assess to 154 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and is used primarily by snowmobilers. The trails lead to remote forest and scenic high elevations lakes. There is a good view of Mt. Adams from the Snow Park.  It has a warming shelter with wood stove and picnic tables. The parking area accommodates 70 vehicles. In a mature and varied forest setting with mountain meadows and geographic…
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