NatureWatch Top Viewing Sites

Looking for an adventure this season? From sea to shining sea, spring to winter, and fall in between, check out five great places to NatureWatch in National Forests across the United States. 


  • Events  - Grab educational resources and find a place to celebrate!               

    • International Migratory Bird Day in North America is May 13th, but IMBD can be celebrated any day you see birds on the move!  Forest Service Wings Across the Americas and Wildlife Programs connect you to what’s new in the fascinating world of birds.  Forest Service partners at Environment for the Americas have materials to help you learn about, record, and celebrate your bird adventures! This year’s Bird Day theme is “Helping Birds Along the Way” as they migrate through the seasons.

    • National Boating and Fishing Week is June 3-11th, but we like to fish year-round! Take Me Fishing to the best spots across the country for fishing and boating, plus species identification and where to get a permit. 

    • Pollinator Week is June 19-25th and the bees, butterflies, bats, and beetles need you more than ever!  Grab some promotional materials and plant a garden for native wildflowers, fruits or vegetables.  Pollinators will appreciate the snack and so will you!

    • Bat Week is October 24-31st and we are ready to Go to Bat for Bats! Find out why our ‘heroes of the night’ are in decline and make Halloween week your time to treat neighbors to a positive story about bats!

  • Places                  

    • Top NatureWatch Viewing Sites We’ve found the best places to find amazing wildlife and plants on National Forests and Grasslands! Plan your travels with a quick glimpse into the Top NatureWatch Viewing Sites Story Maps.
    • Interactive Visitor Map - Looking for where to go and what to do on National Forests and Grasslands?  Use the Interactive Visitor Map to find a great spot within the lands and waters managed the Forest Service, and to book your trip!
    • Discover the Forest/Descubre el Bosque – Reconnect with nature by finding a forest near you!
      • Freshwater Snorkeling Sites – Find a cool, clear stream and dip in for a look at the amazing biodiversity under the surface.  Cherokee National Forest is offering snorkeling programs all summer.
  • Resources          

    • Smart Phone Apps help you identify and record what you watch while exploring National Forests and Grasslands.
    • Grab some great learning activities where NatureWatchers Teach and Learn.
    • FSNatureLIVE The Forest Service FSNatureLIVE Distance Learning programs take classrooms on virtual adventures in real-time with student hosts and experts answering questions about today’s environmental issues.
    • Natural Inquirer publication immerses middle to high school students in peer-reviewed research by Forest Service scientists.
    • Investi-gator brings research to the elementary school, a journal for kids to learn the scientific method through real investigations about natural resources.
    • Natural Inquirer Reader Series for PreK through 2nd grade students focuses on one USDA Forest Service scientist and their research.
    • NSI: Nature Science Investigator for non-formal education settings, introduces youth to different types of natural resource scientists with activities for them to mimic the scientists in practice.
    • Discovery Agents interactive, mobile game is now ready at many National Forests! Grab a mission and unlock hidden geo-triggered challenges.



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