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Logan Valley. Logan Valley.

Elephant Head flower. Elephant Head.

Sagebrush mariposa. Sagebrush mariposa.

Logan Valley

Forest: Malheur National Forest

District: Prairie City Ranger District

Description: Logan Valley is a prominent feature of the Malheur National Forest, located near John Day, Oregon south of the Strawberry Mountain Range. This broad expanse was created through geologic forces that stretched the earth's crust causing it to fracture along parallel faults and drop relative to the surrounding landscape, a feature geologists call a graben. Three major Creeks wind through Logan Valley and converge to become the Malheur River. These factors have produced a variety of plant habitats that range from wet meadows to long, narrow ridges of arid scablands (areas of very shallow soils that support sparse vegetation.)

Viewing Information: A variety of wildflowers are adapted to these diverse habitats. In early June visitors are treated to a profusion of elephant head lousewort, American bistort and bog saxifrage in the wet meadows, followed by camas, paintbrushes, western polemonium, and the enchanting white bog-orchid. Drier areas support biscuit roots, larkspur, balsamroot, big-head clover, and grass-widows. Aspen stands pop out here and there and support yet more wildflowers including columbine, Indian tobacco, and sweet cicily. During late summer one can look for the solitary sagebrush mariposa lily. In addition to these spectacular wildflower displays visitors can also view mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, and pronghorn antelope roaming the meadows, plus a variety of birds, including greater sand hill cranes, long-billed curlews, and willets.

Directions: Logan Valley is accessible to passenger cars via paved roads. From John Day, Oregon take Highway 395 south about 10 miles, then turn left onto county road 65. County 65 becomes forest road 15. After approximately 15 miles, turn left onto forest road 16 and follow about 4-1/2 miles to Logan Valley.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Malheur National Forest, Prairie City Ranger District.

Closest Town: John Day, Oregon.