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Pacific Southwest Region Viewing Area


Scott Mountain phacelia. Scott Mountain phacelia (Phacelia dalesiana). Photo by Klamath National Forest.

View of Kangaroo Lake. Kangaroo Lake high view. Photo by Klamath National Forest.

Kangaroo Lake interpretive panel. Kangaroo Lake interpretive panel. Photo by Klamath National Forest.

Kangaroo Lake Botanical Special Interest Area - The Fen Trail

Forest: Klamath National Forest

District: Salmon River/Scott River Ranger Districts

Description: This is a self-guided, high elevation trail (starting at 6000 ft) of moderate to easy difficulty. The trail starts at the edge of the road just before the Kangaroo Lake campground, and ends at the top of the ridge on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Mileage one-way is one mile, with an elevation gain of 600 feet. Allow two hours to complete the trail, round trip, at a leisurely pace. This trail is not wheelchair accessible.

Viewing Information: Located in one of the most botanically unique areas of the Klamath National Forest, this trail is within a designated Botanical Special Interest Area where many unusual botanical and geologic features can be seen. Nine interpretive sites along the trail highlight uncommon species and features such as fens exhibiting rare California pitcher plants, serpentine rock outcrops displaying numeroU.S. Forest Service listed Sensitive and Klamath Watch List plant species, an overview of Kangaroo Lake, and an avalanche path. The trail culminates at the Scott and Trinity Rivers Divide with a commanding panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

If you want to continue hiking, Robbers Meadow is about 1 ¼ miles north on the PCT. Bull Lake would be another 1 ½ miles north from Robbers Meadow along the PCT. This is an 8 acre lake, 20 feet deep, at an elevation of 6,530 feet.

Safety First: Wear sturdy shoes and proper clothing for conditions at this higher altitude. Carry sunscreen and plenty of water.

Directions: Travel on Interstate 5 to Yreka, CA. From Yreka, take Highway 3 to Fort Jones, CA. From Ft. Jones, continue traveling south on Highway 3 approximately 25 miles. Stay left at the split for Gazelle Road and Highway 3 (follow Gazelle Road). Travel approximately 8 miles to forest road 41N08. Turn right and follow signs to Kangaroo Lake Campground.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Klamath National Forest, Salmon River/Scott River Ranger District. (530) 468-5351.

Closest Town: Ft. Jones, California.