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Happy Birthday Woodsy Owl

Woodsy Owl Turns 50 Years Old on September 15, 2021!

Woody Owl, the beloved owl icon for environmental conservation for the USDA Forest Service, was officially introduced on September 15, 1971. He is most famous for the motto “Give a hoot – don’t pollute!” While Woodsy Owl was designed as a mentor and inspiration for children and provide them with information and advice to help them appreciate nature, his message is more relevant today than ever, and to an even wider audience.
The 50th Anniversary of Woodsy Owl is an opportunity to reignite love for this iconic character. Even more important is the opportunity to raise awareness of Woodsy’s mission and deliver a message of conservation education to the entire country. Celebrating Woody’s 50th gives us the chance to share this important message within the United States and around the world– that we must appreciate and take care of nature and our earth.

See how Woodsy has evolved over the years by watching a compilation of Woodsy's PSAs.

Birthday Celebration Themes

  • Woodsy Owl is a Forest Service asset!
    • Forest Service receives royalties for Woodsy’s commercial use to further develop products and activities.
  • Woodsy Owl is a mentor.
    • Woodsy instills conservation ethics and values to children and their families.
    • He motivates children to take concrete actions to care for the environment, their community, and nature.
  • Woodsy’s nostalgic figure is the focus of most retail licensees.
  • Original message Give a Hoot – Don’t Pollute is the most recognizable slogan.
    • Lend a hand – Care for the Land is not as popular but embraces a broader conservation message.
  • 4 R's:
    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Recycle
    • Rot (composting)
  • Be Climate Wise!

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