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Are you a new employee?

Did you recently receive a job offer or start in the last 90 days? The New Hire Help Desk offers a single place to get all of your questions answered. 

New Hire Help Desk
877-372-7248 Opt.4

Available M-F 8:15-4:15 Mountain time, the New Hire Help Desk can help with any questions you have. The person who answers your call will help you directly or provide a friendly transfer to the right resource for you.


877-372-7248 Option 1
M-F 8:15-4:15 Mountain time

Use for:
All questions related to budget planning and execution, payments, claims, and wildfire or other incident finance inquiries.


Fax: 616-323-1665
TTY: 800-877-8339
Available 24/7

Use for:
All computer and information technology problems such as initial computer configuration, password and computer IDs, software installation, email, etc. 

877-372-7248 Option 2
M-F 7:00-5:00 Mountain time

Use for:
All questions related to AgLearn, Paycheck8, human resource tools, on-the-job injuries, staffing, personnel security, benefits, leave, and medical issues.

877-372-7248 Option 3
M-F 8:15-4:15 Mountain time

Use for:
All travel, temporary duty (TDY), and transfer of station related questions, including travel authorizations and vouchers, and travel for those who do not yet have a travel profile.