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Spring Agriculture and Business Hiring Event

Forest Service employee
Job Opportunities Available April 10 through 20, 2023

We’re hiring students and recent graduates in the areas of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Biological Sciences, Business, Information Technology, and others. These opportunities may lead to conversion into a permanent position once the Internship and Recent Graduate Programs are complete.

Job opportunities will be available April 10 through 20, 2023. Apply on

37th Annual MANRRS Conference 

The Forest Service will attend the 2023 MANRRS national conference and will hire students and recent graduates in the areas of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Biological Sciences, Business, Information Technology, and others. These opportunities may lead to conversion into a permanent position once the Internship and Recent Graduate Programs are complete.

Please check back to this webpage in early April for more details including a list of locations and position we will be hiring.

Job Opportunities

Some of the jobs we are hiring for include the following. Check back to this webpage early April for a full list of opportunities.

Natural Resources

The health of our nation depends, in many ways, on the variety of our nation's forest and grasslands. Natural resources interns and specialists complete work related to forest and environmental planning, recreation, special use and permits, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)  planning, lands, wilderness use, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Natural resources interns and specialists contribute to the care of our National Forest and grasslands.


  • Student Trainee (Natural Resources): GS-0499-03/04/05 with promotion potential up to GS-09

Recent Graduate

  • Natural Resources Specialist: GS-0401-05/07 with promotion potential to GS-09

Open to the Public

  • Natural Resources Specialist: GS-0401-05/07/09


Ecology is the interdisciplinary study of relationships between and among populations of organisms, their habitats, and the flows of energy, nutrients, and other resources. Ecologists collect long-term date on ecosystem structure and function as well as status and trends in key ecosystem processes. This area of science is fundamental for developing and improved understanding of ecosystem function and enhanced tools and techniques to restore and conserve our forest and grassland ecosystems.

Recent Graduate

  • Ecologist: GS-0408-05/07 with promotion potential to GS-09


Botanists have the important role of caring for plants and plant communities throughout our National Forests and grasslands. Botanists work closely with other resource specialists to conserve and manage plant resources, as well as advise them about plants and their habitats. Botanists also evaluate the biological implications of various construction, logging, or other projects and develop conservation strategies to maintain threatened, endangered, and sensitive plants 

Recent Graduate

  • Botanist: GS-0430-05/07 with promotion potential to GS-09

Social Sciences

Social scientists conduct work in multiple disciplines such as geography, environmental psychology, natural resource management, and environmental studies, to explore connections between research and practice in social-ecological systems. Social scientists help us understand the impacts of changes in land management, recreation and tourism, special use permits, and more. 

Recent Graduate

  • Social Scientist/Natural Resources Specialist: GS-0101/0401-07 with promotion potential to GS-09.

Administration & Office Support

Administrative assistants play an important role in organizing, managing, and keeping our Forest Service offices running. Administrative assistants are responsible for developing correspondences, collecting data and creating reports, receiving and responding to messages, reviewing and filing documents, and assisting members of the public who are calling or visiting our offices. 


  • Administration and Office Support Trainee: GS-0399-03/04 with promotion potential up to GS-09

Recent Graduate

  • Administrative Assistant: GS-0303-04/05 with promotion potential to GS-07

Timber and Resources Clerical Support

Timber and resources clerical support is provided by resource assistants assigned to a Ranger District within the Forest Service. Resource assistants are responsible for compiling field data in order calculate the value of timber to be sold through their Ranger District. Resource assistants also communicate with prospective purchasers and answer questions regarding proposed sale volumes, locations, products, dates of offering and much more. 

Recent Graduate

  • Resource Assistant (Timber and Clerical Support): GS-1101-05 with promotion potential to GS-07


Realty specialists are responsible for obtaining property or transferring rights of property that are or will be managed by the Forest Service. Realty specialists provide advice on realty work for land statute and rights, land ownership adjustment, land use authorization, and land management planning. Specialists will also work with other Federal agencies, state and local governments, congressional delegations, individuals, and other groups. 

Recent Graduate

  • Realty Specialist: GS-1170-05/07 with promotion potential to GS-09


Foresters are experts in managing the growth of different types  of trees and other vegetation. They are skilled in caring for trees, while considering how a forest may develop over long time frames. From planting seedlings to inspecting a contractor’s work, foresters provide the technical and  professional expertise for evaluating the health of our forests. 

Open to the Public

  • Forester: GS-460-05/07/09


Budget analysts help prepare budgets and keep Forest Service groups informed about how much money is available for the current or upcoming year's budget. Budget analysts work with facts and figures and reviews financial reports to make sure money is being spent appropriately.

Recent Graduate

  • Budget Analyst: GS-0560-05/07 with promotion potential to GS-09


Financial analysts reviews and analyzes financial reports generated by the financial system, identifies accounting problems and inconsistencies, and determines if adjustments or corrections are required.

Recent Graduate

  • Financial Analyst: GS-0501-05/07 with promotion potential to GS-09

Help is Available

The How to Apply webpage has helpful information to help with the application process. 

Applicants are reminded to review the application deadlines noted in the announcement. Employment start dates will vary.

Human Resources Management is here to help. Contact us with questions about your application by calling 1-877-372-7248, select Option 2, and follow the prompts. The Contact Center is open from 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday, and closed on all federal holidays.

If you are interested in receiving updates about this hiring event, send an email with your name and contact information to


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