Who Our Partners Are

6 young men smile for the camera as they dig in a sunny field. In the background, there are beautiful mountains.
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Participants and Forest Service Trail Crew members dig out a French drain to improve trail drainage on the Main Marvine Trail in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Meeker CO. Photo credit: Tory Houser

To accomplish our mission, the U.S. Forest Service partners with land management agencies across all levels of government, with nonprofit and for-profit entities, universities, and communities, large and small. 

Why so many different types of partners? .

The diversity of our partners parallels the breadth of U.S. Forest Service work which includes: managing the nation’s 193 million acres of National Forest System lands to sustain healthy terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; conducting research that connects the agency to hundreds of partners around the world in collaborative research; sustaining healthy forests and communities across boundaries to States, Tribes, communities, and nonindustrial private landowners through technical and financial support; protecting communities and the global environment from catastrophic wildland fires, climate change and invasive species, and inspiring life-long connections to nature for every American.

Congressionally-Chartered Foundations

The Forest Service works with three congressionally-chartered nonprofit partners:

Additionally, the Forest Service works closely with several land management agencies in Department of the Interior. See below for information about their partnerships:

Looking for a contact? Please visit our “Find a partnership contact” page