Alerts & Notices

nullWe want your visit to Olympic National Forest to be enjoyable and safe. Please be aware that weather and road conditions can change very rapidly, and plan your trip accordingly. Review outdoor safety information to learn more about being prepared for any activity.


Campgrounds and Trail Conditions

Forest Road Conditions

View a list of Forest Road conditions. Please contact your local ranger station during business hours to inquire about a specific route. Please note that wildlife gates are closed from October 1 until May 1.

  • Forest Road Safety: A significant amount of rain falls on the Olympic Peninsula annually, and forest roads are prone to flooding and washouts.  Do not ever attempt to cross road washouts since you could easily get trapped. Always use extreme caution while driving on forest roads. Travel with your lights on, obey speed limits, and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Washington Road Conditions (

Fire Information

  • Look up Industrial Fire Precuation Levels, report a fire, and view current incident information on our Fire page.

Know Before You Go