Firewood Permits

If you have any questions, contact one of our offices:


  • Per Permit: $20.00/4 ccf

NOTE: Forest Service Offices are only permitted to take Cash or Check. We cannot accept credit cards. Make checks payable to: USDA Forest Service

This permit is not intended for commericial firewood operations.

Where and What Can I Cut:

  • Cutting and gathering is allowed only on areas shown as open to cutting or gathering on the firewood maps.  You will receive this map when you purchase your permit.
  • No cutting or gathering of dead and/or down wood will occur within 200 feet of any lake, pond, stream or river or within 200 feet of any recreation area. 
  • On portions of the Manistee National Forest (see map), cutting and gathering from standing dead trees is authorized only between September 1 and April 30 for protection of the endangered Indiana Bat. 
  • Live trees may NOT be cut.
  • All dead and down trees may be gathered.
  • Standing dead trees may be cut only if they are within 200 feet of a legal public road. 
  • No gathering or harvest of any dead trees identified by having paint marks at breast height and stump height or dead trees which have directional, trail, den tree, Animal Inn or land survey signs attached.


Where and What Can I Drive:

  • Vehicles may only use roads identified on the Motor Vehicle Use Map. Motor Vehicle Use Maps are available at all Forest Service Offices and are updated yearly in March.  Please get a new map every March/April when you get your firewood permit so that you have the most current road information.
  • Vehicles may not block or restrict use of Forest Roads.
  • Vehicles may pull or back off of Forest Roads a maximum of 25 feet or the lenth of the vehicle, whichever is LESS.
  • The use of tractors, skidders, ORV's or other motorized equipment to skid or gather wood off of the roads is prohibited.


Tree Size:

  • All firewood products cut under this permit shall not exceed 6 (six) feet in length.
  • Stumps will be cut no higher than 14 inches.
  • Due to state law, firewood gathered on the Huron-Manistee National Forests can be moved, but not to the UP or out of state without a Compliance Agreement.  Compliance Agreements can be obtained from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  Costs/fines will be incurred for those violating the regulations.

 stack of firewood providing specifications for cord and CCF size