Collaborative Forest Restoration Programs

[Image] Photo of men  walking along a dirt road in the forestSince 2001 the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP) has funded 175 projects including close to 500 partners in planning and implementing collaborative forest restoration and small diameter utilization projects in 20 counties across New Mexico. ; These projects have restored over 30,000 acres and created over 700 jobs.

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2017 CFRP Request for Application

The U.S. Forest Service Southwestern Region anticipates distributing cost-share grants to carry out forest restoration projects on public lands in New Mexico pending federal appropriations. Projects must be designed through a collaborative process that includes affected communities and other stakeholders. Applications will be evaluated in an open federal advisory committee.

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  • Federal Regulations Affecting Grants
Recipient Type Applicable Administrative Requirements and Cost Principles
Administrative Requirements Cost Principles Audit Requirements
Non-profits 2 CFR 215 2 CFR 230 A-133
Local and Tribal governments 7 CFR 3016 2 CFR 225 A-133
State agencies 7 CFR 3016 2 CFR 225 A-133
Universities 2 CFR 215 2 CFR 220 A-133
Profit-makers 2 CFR 215 48 CFR 31.2  

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    A list of current and past Collaborative Forest Restoration Program funded projects (2001-2013).

Key Contacts

  • Walter Dunn
    Program Manager