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The Boise National Forest, and cooperating land management agencies, rely on a variety of fire suppression resources to fight wildland fires. Among these resources are two Helitack Crews and their contracted helicopters. The 12-person Garden Valley Helitack Crew works with a Bell 407 Type III helicopter and is based near the town of Garden Valley.  The 12-person Boise Helitack Crew works with a Bell 212 Type II helicopter and is based at Lucky Peak Helibase and Fire Station, just outside of Boise.  Both crews are trained and equipped to rappel fires for initial attack, manage and support fire and aviation suppression efforts on a local and national level, and perform aviation related projects in support of forest resource needs.

The Boise National Forest and surrounding local forests experience a high number of fire starts as do Bureau of Land Management lands in southern Idaho, Nevada and Utah, keeping both helitack crews busy from late June through September.

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