The Chippewa National Forest includes 1,599,660 acres of which 666,620 acres are managed by the USDA Forest Service.  The Lands Program involves land acquisition, land exchange, issuing special use permits or resolving trespass on  National Forest System Lands.  

Acquisition -   The Forest Land and Resource Management Plan describes emphasis for acquisitions throughout the Chippewa National Forest.  There must be a willing buyer and willing seller.  Since the 1970's third party organizations may also buy and hold land until federal funds are available to purchase key parcels. Key parcels for acquisition include:

  • critical recreational water frontage
  • unique cultural or historic features
  • eagle and wolf habitat
  • consolidating ownership to reduce boundary line costs and reduce trespass.

Exchanges - National Forest's have discretion to arrange trades of National Forest System land for private, state or county lands to meet specific objectives.  There must be a willing buyer and seller and a clearly demonstrated benefit to the public.  Land exchange is a tool for acquiring key parcels when funds are not available to purchase them.

Special Uses - Individuals, groups or businesses that would like to use National Forest System lands must apply for a special use permit.  Special uses may include roads, powerlines, recreation residences, or large scale rallies.  Applications involving intensive ground checking for environmental analysis may require a cost collection agreement.  Permits outline terms and restrictions on the specific use to protect resources and decrease impacts.

Trespass -   Each trespass on National Forest Systems lands is considered individually.   Trespass situations may result in stopping an activity, removing an improvement or structure, or applying additional criteria and conditions of the Small Tracts Act (1983).   Infrequently the requirements for land exchange may apply.

Sales - National Forests are not authorized to sell National Forest System lands.

If you would like more information on the acquisition, exchange or sale of land, please call  218-335-8661.


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